Sep 3, 2015

Sri Krishna Jeyanthi Guide l How To dress Up Kids for Gokulashtami l Janmashtami

 Happy Gokulashtami !!! 

Gokulashtami also known as Krishna Janmashtami,Krishnashtami,Sri Krishna Jeyanthi is an annual celebration of the birth of the Hindu Lord Krishna,the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.The festival is celebrated on the eighth day(Ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha(dark Fortnight) of the month of Shravan(August-september) in the Hindu Calender.The festival is celebrated in the evening/midnight as Lord Krishna was born at midnight.[-info from Wiki]

In Gokulashtami day,Krishna idol is decorated with tulsi leaves and flowers.In India,people celebrate by decorating the floor with kolams(with rice flour),dressing up kids and inviting them from house entrance to the pooja room which depicts the Lord Krishna's arrival to house, Uriadi (hunting butter from hanging pot) etc.;People offer Lord Krishna's favourite foods as offerings which includes butter,milk,curd,poha with jaggery,other sweet recipes and savouries uppu seedai,murukku etc.;During pooja, recitation of Bhagwadgita is also a popular practice and Geetha Govindam and other devotional songs are sung for praising Lord.People offer prashadham to Lord is served to Little Krishna first.

I love Lord Krishna very much from my childhood days for his naughtyness,so am excited every year during this day,it makes me to learn the proper way of celebration.Two years back,my mom insist me to dress up her grand son like Little Krishna....that makes me to get involved.Last year i search 3-4shops to get this krishna idol but i didnt get it here,so finally i asked My Man to take colour print out.And this year i got my dream idol from india last vocation.Here is the basic/simple offerings,recipes,costume idea...

Basic Offerings :

Tulsi Leaves

Aval with Jaggery

Fruits & Nuts
Diary Products
Sweet & Snack Recipes

Inviting Little Krishna . . .

During Gokulashtami day,small kids dressed up like little krishna.Every mom is dreaming about his little kids to be dressed like little krishna.Before starting this makeup session,you should finish all your work of cleaning,cooking,pooja items & offerings and be ready with kids costume perfectly.

Start styling/makeup your kids before 45mins of the time of pooja to maintain their happiness and excitement till pooja finished.Especially kids(1-3yrs) loose their patience of having all those costume for longer period.And its very difficult to make them to do all those things,so be patience.Before pooja you just finish your photo session quickly with few snaps with perfect makeup.

In my home,i dressed up My  Little Prince with krishna costume for the past two years.Here,am not getting this costume from shops so i started searching/collecting/making all those items before 2days from shops(white bead bracelet,chain,anklet) and also by self making(stud,peacock feather,flute,crown,waist band).We applied melted chocolate to the one end of the flute to make him to eat/for taking a snap of flute playing.
And here is the snaps of managing him till pooja time.

Thier tiny feets are dipped in rice flour + water paste(thick not too thick) and invited from the house entrance to pooja room by walk to make/print their footprints which depicts the arrival of Lord krishna into the house.You can also draw/print by your hands by pressing the side palms with folding fingers,for finger prints just print by your fingers.Start your Pooja now.

Little Krishna's Costume Idea

Krishna's Costume

Peacock Feather
Shoulder Towel
Waist Pant
Grand pattern Waist Belt

Jewellery :

Short chain
Medium Chain
Long Chain
Arms Band
Waist Belt

Make-up kit :

Upper Eye dots
Krishnar Bindi
Mehandhi for Legs and Hands(Alta)

Happy Krishna Jeyanthi . . . !!!

Leave your valuable suggestions/modification as footprints(comment).

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