Sep 21, 2015

Paneer Butter Masala

Wow..!!! Paneer Butter Masala ...  what a tasty masala...Paneer cubes in rich & creamy flavoured  sweet & spicy sure people from all ages love to have this masala.Especially kids all time favourite in restaurents.I am also the big fan of paneer butter masala and my staple order in restaurents.

The making of paneer butter masala is very easy and everyone's making is different.This is my way of making and i always follow the same procedure to all my gravies (mushroom,veggies....etc,;).This is my no fail recipe ever.

For the past two years,my little prince never give me the chance to eat paneer from this Paneer Butter masala that he asked for all the paneer cubes from my plate both in home & reataurents.But i felt happier for that moment.
Cook this yummy paneer butter masala with roti today itself....

Paneer Butter Masala Recipe :
Thats it : Fry Paneer Cubes - Make Masala paste - Cook with butter
Total Time : 35-40mins
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :

Butter                      2 tbsp
Paneer Cubes          200gms 

Oil                             1tbsp
Cloves                       2 (krambu)
Cinnamon                 1"stick (pattai)
Fennel seeds             1tsp  (Sombu)
Cashew Nuts             5
Onion                        1Big
Tomato                      2Big
GingerGarlic Paste    1tbsp

Chilli Powder            1tsp (Kashmiri chilli)
Coriander powder     1/2tsp
Turmeric Powder      2Pinches
Milk / Water             1/2 Cup
Sugar                         1/2tsp
Salt                            3/4tsp

Kasthoori methi leaves - 1tsp (dried)
Fresh Cream                    2tbsp

Procedure :

# Take paneer cubes or blocks from freezer and thaw it outside for 30mins.Now Cut it as cubes.

(For Thawing : Immerse frozen paneer into hot water for 10mins,now it becomes soft OR defrost it by oven)

1.Heat a heavy-bottomed pan with low heat,add 1/2tbsp butter ,paneer cubes and toss it for 2mins.(not more than couple of mins)First it leaves some water after that fried well.Keep aside the fried cubes.

2.In the same pan,add oil,cloves,cinnamon,fennel seeds,cashew nuts,sliced onion then fry till onion turns brown in colour(important step),now add tomato cubes,fry till mushy,add spice powders and fry for 2mins.
Switch Off the flame.
Cool it and grind as smooth paste.

3.Cook in low flame.Heat butter in pan,add ginger garlic paste, fry for a min,add ground paste,1/2Cup of water / milk, paneer cubes,sugar,salt and stir it.Now the mixture splutters so be careful,halfly close the lid,cook for 3mins.
Add dried methi leaves.
Switch Off the flame.
Add fresh cream.

Paneer Butter Masala is ready ... !!!

Serve hot with Roti,Naan and also with any pulao.

Notes :
1.You can skip whole cloves,cinnamon,fennel seeds and add 1/4 tsp garam masala powder with other spice powders.

2.Using kashmiri red chilli powder gives good taste and nice colour to the gravy.(skip and use normal chilli powder)
Dont go for food colour.

3.Important Steps for sweet taste of Paneer Butter Masala
* Fry the onion slices till it gets brown colour
*Adding Cashews Or Cashew Paste 

4.Dont over fry or over cook paneer than specified minutes otherwise the texture turns hard.

5.You can also use tomato puree by blanching technique instead of frying
In boiled water,add tomatoes and after 10 mins peel the skin and make puree.

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