Oct 26, 2015

10mins !!! Microwave Paalkova / Therattipaal / Milk Halwa

Microwave Paalkova is a simple and quick recipe which can be prepared within 10mins using sweetened condensed milk.Diwali is around a corner so this will be the best,quick and yummy sweet for your friends and relatives.

This recipe was in my to-do list long days but finally yesterday i prepared this.Believe me,before preparation am not expecting this much taste and yumminess from this method but it results me the best taste which equals the traditional one.Already i posted the stove-top version of paalkova using sweetened condensed milk long back.We loved it a lot and finished it yesterday itself.

10mins !!! - Microwave Paalkova :
Thats it : Combine all the ings. - Microwave it for 6-8mins with now &  then stirring.
Preparation Time : 2mins
Microwave Cooking Time : 6-8mins
Serves : 3Persons


Ingredients :

Use any one ingredient(same amount) for curdling to get grainy texture paalkova.

Procedure :

1.Combine all the 3 ingredients in a wide microwavable safe bowl.

2.Mix Well.

3.Microwave it for 3mins then stir it,again for 2mins then stir it,again one more minute till getting grainy,pourus texture.

(For me it takes 6mins only,if you are not reaching the grainy texture in your 6th minute then again microwave it for 1more min)

                                         Rest it for 2mins

Yummy & Quick Paalkova is ready !!!

Serve Hot or Chill...
Notes :

1.Adding nuts,flavouring ingredients saffron,cardamom are optional,traditionally paalkova is served as plain.
2.It stays fresh in room temp for 2days and in refrigerator for 5days.
3.Use microwave safe glass bowls and not plastic microwave bowls.

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