Oct 24, 2015

Arisi-Thengai Payasam / Rice-Coconut Kheer

Arisi-Thengai Payasam / Rice-Coconut Kheer is a traditional dessert which can be prepared in most of the homes during festive occassions.The preparation of this dessert is so easy and tastes yummy also.I prepared this 3daz before for Saraswathi Pooja.It keeps your stomach full for longer time.Here,i used palm jaggery for this recipe,it tastes different with coconut flavour.Try this once.

Arisi-Thengai Payasam :
Thats It : Cook Rice - Add Coconut Paste - Add Fried Cashews...
Total Time : 25mins
Serves : 4Persons
Video : Arisi-Thengai Payasam 


Video : Arisi-Thengai Payasam(quick version)

Ingredients :

Basmati / Any Rice -  1/2Cup
Grated Coconut       -  3/4Cup
Jaggery                    -  1Cup
(i used palm jaggery)
Cardamom               -  4Pods
Water                       -  5Cups
Salt                           - 3Pinches

Ghee                         - 2tbsp
Cashew Nuts            - 10nos.(broken)
Raisins                     - 6nos.
Coconut Bits            - 2tbsp

Procedure :

# Grind the rice (leave 2tbsp aside) coarsely in a mixie,keep aside.

# Grind 1/2Cup grated coconut + remaining rice with little water as a thick paste.Keep aside.

1.Heat a cooker pan,add ghee,broken cashews,raisins,coconut bits and roast till it turns golden brown in colour.Keep it a bowl aside.

2.In same pan,add coarsely grind rice,fry for 2mins then add 3Cups of water,salt and pressure cook for 3whistles.

3.Meanwhile,heat a pan,add crushed jaggery,1Cup of water,cardamom pods  and cook/stir till jaggery dissolves completely and further 3mins till it thickens little bit.Keep aside.

4.Now open the cooker and stir / scrap well the cooked rice mixture with ladle which is sticked to the bottom of the cooker pan.Heat the rice mixture in a low flame,add jaggery syrup by straining to remove the impurities,1/4Cup of grated coconut,1Cup of water and cook for 2mins.

6.Then add rice-coconut paste and cook for 3mins by stirring now and then.

7.Finally add fried cashews,raisins,coconut bits and stir once.Switch Off the flame.

 Arisi - Thengai Payasam is Ready ...!!!

Serve Hot or Chill.....!!!

Notes :
1.Use basmati / raw rice or any rice for this payasam.
2.Instead of coarse grind and frying the rice in ghee...you can soak the rice for 20mins and pressure cook for 3whistles and mash it well.

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