Oct 14, 2015

Aval - Verkadalai Ladoo / Poha - Peanut Ladoo

Aval - Verkadalai Ladoo is a nutrition-rich ladoo and has numerous health benifits which provides enough energy to us,especially kids.Already i posted Aval Ladoo / Poha Ladoo and i tried this version of ladoo yesterday with jaggery.It comes out very well.Aval-Peanut ladoo is offered to Lord Krishna during Gokulashtami Festival.

You can make this within 20mins and store them in air-tight container for 3daz in room temperature and in refrigerator for 5days.This ladoo is the perfect and healthy evening snack for kids and you can pack it to school.

Aval - Verkadalai Ladoo :
Thats It : Dry Roast & Grind - Add Jaggery Syrup - Make Ladoos
Total Time : 20mins
Makes        : 14Ladoos 

Ingredients :

Aval / Poha                      2 Cups (I used thin variety)
Verkadalai / Peanuts        1 Cup
Coconut (grated or bits)   1/4 Cup
Jaggery                            1Cup
Water                               1/4 Cup
Cardamom                       3 Pods
Ghee                                2tsp
Salt                                  2Pinch

Procedure :

1.Heat a kadai in a low flame,dry roast verkadalai / peanut for 2mins without getting burnt.Keep aside seperately.

2. In a same pan,dry roast aval for 2mins ,dont wait till the colour changes ,just the crispiness is enough.Keep aside in seperate plate.
Add grated coconut or bits and fry for 1min+ till the moisture goes.Keep aside in a seperate bowl.

3.In a same pan(i used another),add crushed jaggery,water,cardamom pods,salt and stir till jaggery dissolves and switch off the flame.
*Now the peanuts cool down, so crush the fried peanuts with your palms.No need to deskin all the fried peanuts.Just leave 1/4Cup as it is.

4.Now grind aval in a mixie jar as fine powder or little coarsely.Keep aside.

5.Take 1Cup of peanuts in a jar and grind coarsely and other 1Cup as fine powder.Keep aside.

5.Now in a wide bowl take powdered aval,peanuts,fried coconut,mix roughly and add warm jaggery syrup by straining to remove the  impurities.Roughly mix it with spoon.Now grease your hands with ghee and start making ladoos. (The mixture gets dried after a time ...in that case add tsp of ghee and make ladoos)

 Aval - Verkadalai Ladoo is Ready !!!

Notes :

1.Store ladoos in air-tight container after cool down.
2.It stays good in room temperature for 2days and in refrigerator for 5 days.
3.You can also add chopped cashew nuts to the mixture.
4.No need to deskin all the fried peanuts.Just leave 1/4Cup as it is.

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