Oct 11, 2015

Homemade Veg Burger !!!

Tempting Veg Burgers from Ur Kitchen / 35mins !!!

Cheesy Burgers are the tempted one nowadays...Most of the kids love to have burger for its cheesy gooyey texture.Yes!!! me too love burgers for its cheesy texture.I tried this veg burgers 3times in my home,it came out very well every time.Even My MIL praised me for the taste.

After a long time i prepared these burgers 2days back friday that was our weekend.And My Man & Little Prince enjoyed eating burgers.It was so tasty.The only time consuming part for making burger is patty.If you are comfortable with making cutlets then this will be easy for you.For me,it takes 25 mins to make patty and 10mins for assembling the burgers.
You can make this vegetable burgers so healthy by adding so many veggies.Surely you can make this yummy veg burgers quickly before the door delivery burgers reaches ur home.

Homemade recipes always gives satisfaction and also happiness....especially fast food recipes.

Veg-Cheese Burger !!!
Thats It : Preparing Patties - Assembing ings. in Burger Buns
Total Time  : 30-35 mins
Serves : 3Burgers

             Basic Requirements for Burger :

Burger Making Procedure in 2Steps :
1.Preparing Veg Patties 
2.Assembling the Burger

1.Preparing Veg Patties 

a)Preparing Veg Stuff

* Ingredients :
For Veg Patties :

Olive Oil - 1tbsp
Crushed Sombu/Saunf - 3/4tsp
Chopped Green chilli - 1
Chopped Onion - 1big
Garlic chopped - 1tbsp
Potato - 1Big(1Cup)
Veggies - 1Cup
Chilli Powder - 1tsp
Garam Masala Powder - 1/4tsp(Opt)
Salt - 1tsp

*Chop and pressure cook all veggies + potato cubes for 2whistles.Drain the water completely and mash it well.Keep aside.

*Heat pan,add oil,add crushed sombu,chopped green chilli,onion,garlic,after frying for 2mins then add mashed veggies,all spice powders,salt and mix well.Switch Off the flame.Cool down.

*Now add 1tbsp maida / 1bread / 2tbsp bread crumbs / 1tbsp Corn flour to the veg stuffing and mix the dough.

(I prepared the veg stuff by oven ,you can make it by stove-top)

b)Coating the Patties :

* Ingredients : 

1/4Cup - maida
 1/2Cup - water (-1tbsp)
4pinch - salt 
Bread crumbs- 1/4 Cup

* Now divide the veg stuffing into 3portions according to the no. of burgers,make a nice round-shaped stuff then pat it flatten which.The patty size should be set to the burger bun's size.

* Coating Batter : In a wide flattened bowl,make a thick paste maida,water,salt.

* In a small plate,spread bread crumbs.

*Now dip the patties into the batter and gently coat with bread crumbs,keep aside.

c)Deep/Shallow Frying the Patties :

*Heat oil in a kadai with low flame,add the patties slowly and fry for 2mins each side till it  turns brown in colour.
(Cook in low flame otherwise patties become burnt immedietely without getting cooked inside)

*Take it out and drain it in the tissue.

(You can also shallow fry it in dosa tawa well)

2.Assembling the Burger

* Slice the burger buns into two roundels
* In base/one bun, apply Tomato ketch-up or Mayyonnaise 
* Add Lettuce Leaves or Cabbage Leaves
* Add fresh veg slices tomato,onion etc.;
* Veg Pattie
*Cheese Sheet or grated cheese
* Close with top/other bun

Bake it for 1min for melting the cheese :
You can also heat it in dosa tawa...

Hot Veg-Cheese Burgers are Ready !!!

Serve it with ketch up,,,

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