Oct 8, 2015

Keerai Vadai / Spinach Vadai

Keerai / Spinach Vadai is the healthy snack and the best combination with hot ginger (inji) tea / coffee.You can use any keerai variety to make this yummy and crispy vadai.Every week,we used to add any keerai variety to our diet by making dhal,stir fry,kootu etc.;When some amount of leftover is there i prefer to make this keerai vadai.

I used thandu keerai / amaranthus variety yesterday.My MIL used to prepare this often and this is her signature dish too....so My Man's favourite obviously.I prepared this yesterday and it comes out very well.You can also make keerai vadai with urad dhal batter.Serve it with coconut chutney(optional) and hot ginger tea / Coffee...

Keerai Vadai Recipe :
Thats it : Soak dhal - Chop keerai & other ings. - Deep fry
Soaking Time : 3hours
Total time : 20mins
Yields : 7

VIDEO : Keerai Video 

Ingredients :

Keerai (any variety )              - 2Cups chopped (Tightly Packed)
(I used thandu keerai / amaranthus)

Channa dhal                           - 1Cup
Saunf / Sombu                       - 1tsp
Red chillies                            - 5 (i used round sized)
Ginger                                    - 1"piece

Onion                                    - 1Big onion chopped
Curry,coriander leaves          - 1,1Sprig (optional)
Salt                                        - 1tsp

Oil                                         - For deep frying

Procedure :

 # Soak channa dhal for 3hours.

 # Rinse the keerai variety under running water and drain well.Finely chop keerai,onion,curryleaves,coriander leaves,ginger and keep aside.

1.Drain the water from dhal, reserve 1tbsp of channa dhal in a wide bowl.
In a mixie jar,add sombu/saunf,red chillies,chopped ginger,half quantity of soaked channa dhal and grind it for 13 secs by giving pulse.Mixture should be coarse.Keep aside in a wide bowl.Then again do it for remaining dhal.Add it to the bowl.

(No need to add water if you the soak dhal for 3hours)

2.Now add chopped keerai and other leaves,chopped onion,salt and mix well.Check for the salt and spicyness level now.Take small amount of vadai mixture and make round come flat patties,keep aside.

3.Meanwhile, heat oil in a kadai with low-medium heat.Now add a drop of mixture to the oil if it comes up and fried then your oil is hot.Add the vadai patties slowly to the hot oil and fry for 2mins and flip over then again fry for a minute/till it browns.Take it out and drain it in the tissue.

Serve it hot...!!!

Keerai Vadai is Ready . . . !!!

Notes :
1.Soak channa dhal for 3hours for the better taste.While grinding i never add water,if neede yo add a tbsp of water.
2.Adding sombu / saunf gives nice flavour to the vadais.
3.I prepared double from the above quantity so my pics had extra amount of ings.
4.Always wash keerai under running water then go for chopping.Dont wash the leaves after chopping ,you may loose all the nutrition in it.

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