Oct 5, 2015

Orange-Carrot Popsicles

'Beat The Heat'
[Popsicle - Stick Ice - Kuchi Ice - Ice Pop - Frozen pop]

Popsicles are the best choice for the thirsty summer but feeling guilty of buying from outside because of quality.So here is the easy way of making popsicles in home itself with available healthy ingredients.Surprise your kids with this chilled popsicles.

My one year of searching popsicle mould in all malls and through online comes to an end,finally last week got 2 popsicle moulds.I was so surprised to see this moulds as i planned/selected to buy this same mould from online.We enjoyed this orange-carrot popsicles 2days back.First i thought to make orange popsicles only,my oranges are very sour so i added carrot which is a good combination with carrot.Carrot gives nice orange colour to the popsicles.And i was worried about the raw flavour of carrot but we didnt smell raw flavour and My Man didnt find carrot included in this popsicle.Enjoy this summer!!!
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Orange - Carrot Popsicles :
Thats it : Blend all ings. - Pour into moulds - Freeze it
Preparation Time : 10mins
Freezing Time       : 8hrs
Serves                     : 6 (i yield 3glasses juices,no. of popsicle depends on the mould size)

Ingredients :

Orange                      3nos.
Carrot                       1medium sized
Water                         1Cup
Lemon / Ginger         1 / 1"
Honey / Sugar            2tbsp / 2tbsp

Popsicle Mould Or Plastic Cups Or Use & Throw Cups
(But no glass)

Procedure :

               # Clean and be ready with popsicle moulds.

# Peel off the skin and roughly chop oranges & carrots,squeeze lemon or add chopped ginger piece.

1.Blend all the ingredients together with 1Cup of water and required sugar.Now strain the juice.Check for the sweetness and sourness.

2.Pour the juice into popsicle moulds ,close with the lid and freeze it for 8hrs or overnight.

3.After 8 hrs,take out the popsicle moulds from freezer and show it under running water 30secs for easy demoulding.Now it comes out easily.

Orange - Carrot Popsicles are Ready ...!!!

Notes :
1.If you are not having popsicle moulds,just use your plastis cups and wrap it by foil or cling it while freezing.Use ice pop sticks to insert.Check my Watermelon Popsicle.
2.My oranges are sour so i skip lemon and added ginger for the different flavour.
3.Demould the popsicle carefully otherwise the stick comes out seperately.
4.You can also fill orange juice halfly to the mould and freeze it for 2hrs then add carrot juice and freeze it more hours to get two colours of single popsicle.

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