Nov 4, 2015

Dry Fruits & Nuts Ladoo

Nutrition-rich Ladoo for all age groups :
For Kids,Pre-Post Pregnancy Ladies and all of U: 
Intake of one ladoo in the morning time makes u more healthy.

Dry fruits & Nuts ladoo is the best way to satisfy our search of healthy nutrition-rich recipes for a day.Yes!Intake of this single ladoo provides you the full energy which you need for a whole-day.
I tasted this from Anandha Bhavan sweet box,i loved it a lot.And recently i heard it through my friend too.So my long-term plan comes to an end.
Believe me,it tastes so good,shelf life also longer.I always double the quantity of nuts powder and used for nuts milk too.
For Kids,use this dry fruits and nuts(before rolling) paste as a bread/chappathi spread.

If you are not having so much variety of ingredients right now,dont worry just go with dates,raisins & almonds,cashews,peanuts which we had it in our pantry all the time.Here,i used 4 variety of dry fruits & 4 variety of nuts to prepare this Ladoo.This month i bought mixed nuts,so i planned to make this.I followed my own proportion to make this ladoo.

Dry Fruits & Nuts Ladoo :
Thats It : Dry Fruits Mixture - Nuts Powder - Mix & Make Ladoos 
Total Time : 25mins
Makes : 10 Ladoos 
(i make 7big Ladoos + 7small Ladoos)


Shelf Life :
5days at room temperature
1Month+ in refrigerator

Preparation :
a) Dry Fruits Mixture 

Dates            1Cup
Dried Figs        1/4 Cup 
Tutti Fruity    1/4 Cup
Raisins            1/4 Cup

* Deseed the dates carefully and roughly chop it.

* Soak figs into hot water for 10mins.[It is hard to grind as it is and also there is a chance for mixie to get repair] 
* Then drain it and pat dry it with towel then roughly chop figs into small pieces carefully.

* In a mixie jar,add half a quantity of dates,figs then raisins,tutti fruity and grid it as a little coarse.
(Leave 1tbsp of raisins and tutti fruity)

* Do it again with other half a quantity of above ingredients.
(Dont grind raisins & tutti fruity seperately sometimes mixie wont run as it is so small in size)

* Keep aside

b) Nuts Powder :

 Almonds         1/2Cup
Cashew Nuts   1/4Cup
Pistachios       2Tbsp
Walnuts         2Tbsp

* Heat a heavy-bottomed pan,add all the nuts and dry roast it for 3 mins in low flame.(now the nutty flavour wafts)
* Cool down
* Grind it as a coarse powder.(3pulses are enough).


Ladoo Preparation :
Ingredients :

a) Dry Fruits mixture
b) Nuts Powder

(For Flavouring
Cardamom pdr 1/2tsp / 
Nutmeg pdr 1/2tsp )

(For Rolling the ladoos : 
Roasted poppy seeds 3tbsp / 
Roasted coconut gratings 1/2Cup ) 

Making :
* Heat a heavy-bottomed pan with low heat,add 2tbsp of ghee and add dry fruits mixture with remaining raisins and tutti fruity.
* Fry the mixture for 4mins or till it comes together as a mass in the centre of the pan.

* Now add coarsely ground nuts powder,cardamom & nutmeg powder and stir it for 2mins or till it blends all together with dry fruits mixture.
*Transfer the mixture to the plate,cool down for a while.

* Grease your palms with little ghee and start making the ladoos while its little warm.

* You can roll the ladoos in roasted coconut gratings OR roasted poppy seeds (i skip that)

Dry  Fruits & Nuts Ladoos are Ready ...!!!

Notes :
For making Dry fruits & nuts Burfi : Roll the mixture as a cylindrical shape after it cools and wrap it with foil / cover and refrigerate it for 4 hours.Then take it out and slice it with knife as burfis.

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