Nov 5, 2015

NUTS - Health Mix Powder

Health Mix Powder is an essential one for all kids/Pregnancy Ladies to fullfill their nutritients.This is the best and tricky way to add nuts to kids diet.All agegroup people can drink this nuts powder milk.This healthier version of health mix powder serves you energy for your whole day..I prepared with 4nuts here,you can also add nuts(hazelnut,peanut...) of your choice.

Add this to your morning milk(just add it with milk and cook for 2mins,add jaggery/honey/sugar) or make ladoos ,porridges and use it as a spread on chappathi,bread,dosai.After making Dry Fruits & Nuts Ladoo ,i reserved nuts powder that i purposely doubled  the ingredients for other purpose.

NUTS - Health Mix Powder :

Thats It : Toast Nuts - Cool Down - Grind - Store
Total Time : 15mins
Yields for a month 

Ingredients :

 Almonds            1Cup
Cashew Nuts      3/4Cup
Pistachios           1/2Cup
Walnuts              1/4Cup
Cardamom Pdr 1/2 tsp / 3Pods            

Procedure :

* Heat a heavy-bottomed pan,add all the nuts and dry roast it    for 3 mins in low flame.(now the nutty flavour wafts)

* Cool down

* Grind it as a fine powder
   (dont grind too much,3-4 pulses are enough as all the nuts    leaves oil due to mixie heat)

 * Cool down

* Store it in air-tight container.

* Keep it under refrigerator.

NUTS - Health Mix Powder is ready . . . !!!

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