Dec 31, 2015

Paal Kozhukattai

Happy New Year - 2016 !!!

Hello Friends !!! Hope you all feeling very excited about welcoming this new year.Am also here with delicious and traditional dessert.By God's grace, passed year was like a fruitful year for me.On this special day,i want to share happy news with you all which makes me so special last year.

Dream Comes True :

* I got own domain for my site.
* I started my own Youtube Channel Happy Women's Book for      my website.
(subscribe to my channel for videos)
* We are blessed with Little Prince again.

Now coming to the recipe....Paal kozhukattai is the traditional dessert which is originating from chettinad cuisine.This dessert can be prepared either with jaggery or sugar.Today i am going to share my favourite dessert which i loved most from my mom's hand.As i said earlier,i was pregnant last year and all the time craving for sweets.Especially am waiting for mom's arrival to taste her paal kozhukattai dessert.Finally mission accomplished before delivery,Thank God.This is my mom's style of paal kozhukattai.Try it out,Surely you will fall in love with this dessert.

Paal Kozhukattai Recipe :
Thats It : Prepare Rice Balls - Cook In Milk - Add Coconut Milk
Total Time : 45-50mins
Serving : 3Persons

Ingredients :

For Rice Balls :

Rice Flour                    1 Cup
Water                           1 Cup+
Gingelly Oil / Ghee     3 drops
Salt                              1/4 tsp

For Milk-Porridge :

Milk  (full fat)                 1 1/2 Cup
Water                              1 1/2 Cup
Sugar / Crushed Jaggery 3/4 Cup / 1Cup
Coconut                           3/4 Cup (+1/2 Cup water)
Cardamom Powder         1/2 tsp

[From 3/4 cup coconut : dry grind it and reserve 2tbsp then add 1/2 Cup water and extract thick coconut milk from that]
[If you are using crushed jaggery,add 1/4Cup water and dissolve it by heating and add the syrup to cooked ball mixture by straining]

Procedure :
1.Heat a pan, add water ,salt and make it to boil then switch off. In a wide pan,add rice flour then add hot water little by little and form a tight dough.Knead once with ghee/gingelly oil.Make small small even-sized round balls by palms of your hands.[Reserve 2rice ball for later use]

2.Boil milk and water in a heavy-bottomed pan,after it boils keep the sim in low.Add rice balls slowly to the boiled milk and cook for 8mins.Initially balls settled down then after cooked, balls floats on the top.

3.Meanwhile,dry grind coconut and reserve 2tbsp of grated coconut from that.Add water to the mixie and extract coconut milk.

Mix reserved 2riceballs with 1/4Cup water.(if you are not getting desired thick consistency,add this mixture and cook it)

4.After ccoked add sugar and mix it.Now milk reduced in quantity.
[Take one ball and cut by 2,if the centre part appears like bright white in colour cook for some more mins.Cooked one looks like dull white in colour)]

5.Add Rice flour paste cook for 2mins.Now it thickens by consistency or cook till you get the desired thick consistency.Now add coconut milk and cook for a min.[dont overcook after adding coconut milk to prevent curdling]

5.Now add grated coconut,cardamom powder and stir once.
   Switch Off the flame.

Paal Kozhukattai is Ready !!!

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