Jan 20, 2016

Mutton Soup

Soups are the best intake during winter season.Easily digestible fluid during illness.Today am here with spicy mutton soup which is so easy to prepare within few mins.Mutton contains large amount of protein which is so essential for human body.It is good for our skin,heart etc.;

During Pre-Post Pregnancy Periods :
* Prevents from Anemia
* Reduces the risk of Iron Difficiency
* Nourishes Blood Cells

Mom prepared this soup often from my childhood days.I never ignore this,it tastes good.So i clicked this pictures while she was cooking.While cleaning she categorized the mutton pieces as flesh for making mutton gravy and bones with little flesh for making soup.Enjoy this spicy soup and refresh yourself.

Spicy Mutton Soup :
Thats It : Pressure cook mutton with spices - Garnish it
Total Time : 20mins (excludes mutton cleaning time)
Serves - 2persons

Ingredients :

Gingelly Oil / Nallennai - 1tbsp
Mutton / Lamb  - 250gms
Water 3Cups
Coriander Leaves - 1Sprig
Salt - to taste

To Grind :
Cumin seeds/Jeeragam - 1tsp
Small Onion - 6-8
Tomato - 1
Garlic - 6pods
Green Chillies - 1-2
Pepper Corns - 1tsp
Turmeric pdr - 1/4tsp
Sambar pdr - 1tsp

Procedure :

Mutton bone should be more than the mutton flesh for mutton soups

# Wash Mutton pieces with turmeric pdr and keep aside.

# Coarsely grind the ingredients under the table 'To Grind'.

 1.In a cooker pan,add mutton pieces,ground paste,immersing level of water(2Cups),salt and pressure cook for 8whistles in a medium flame.
(I add tomato,turmeric pdr and sambar pdr directly to the cooker.You can also grind)

2.After pressure releases,open the lid ,add gingelly oil,1Cup of water and boil it for 3to4mins. Check for the salt.

Switch Off the flame.
Garnish with coriander leaves.

Spicy Mutton Soup is ready !!!

 Notes :
1.This soup is the thinner version.For the creamier version,after pressure cooking add corn flour add boil for 3-4mins.
2.Same procedure is for Chicken soup also but 3-4whistles while pressure cooking is enough.For mutton it takes too much time to cook.
3.I add tomato,turmeric pdr and sambar pdr directly to the cooker.You can also grind it with other spices.
4.Adjust spice levels with green chillies(1no.) during pregnancy.

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