Jan 25, 2016

Sukku Kazhi (Sukku / Dry Ginger)

Sukku Kazhi /dry ginger halwa is mainly prepared during post pregnancy period for new mothers.This kazhi is prepared for better digestion and also to remove the impurities present in their stomach.It can be served in the morning(empty stomach) or late night(2hrs after dinner) before sleeping.This kazhi gives the better relief from cold and cough.

My Grandma prepared these kazhi items for my first post pregnancy period.I thought how it would taste.But it tastes so good without spiciness.This kazhi is prepared with palm jaggery(karuppatti) and with the lavish amount of seesame oil/nallennai.After the intake of this kazhi we should not drink water for 30-45mins.Now its my second turn,mom prepared these items now and then.So i clicked it to share with you all.This is not only for the post pregnancy ladies,everyone can eat and enjoy this.For others ,you can add coconut milk/bits to it for the great taste.Cooking part also very easy like halwa making.
 Treat for new mothers!!!

Sukku Kazhi :
Thats It : Cook Sukku pdr - Add jaggery syrup - Cook it
Total Time : 25mins
Yields : 1Cup (Serves : 3Persons)

Ingredients :
Sukku Powder      1/2 Cup [frm 3big piece]
Rice Flour             1tbsp (optional)
Water                     2 Cups (1 1/2 + 1/2)
Palm jaggery / Jaggery     1 Cup
Elakkai                              2Pods
Seesame Oil / Nallennai    3tbsp

[I used karupatti/palm jaggery.
For others : Include Coconut Milk with water]

Procedure :
# Prepare Sukku Powder :

* Carefully slit the sukku piece with knife then by hands seperate into small pieces.Powder it in the mixie and sieve it.
* Soak small pieces of sukku in water for 3hrs and grind it as a smooth paste.
* Buy readymade sukku powder.

1) Heat a pan with crushed palm jaggery,slitted elakkai,1/2Cup of water till the jaggery dissolves.Strain it to remove the impurities.Keep aside.

2) Heat a heavy-bottomed kadai in a low-flame,add 1 1/2Cups of water,bring it to boil and add sukku powder slowly to the water.Stir it continuously to prevent lumps.Cook till it absorps all the water.

3) Add the jaggery syrup to the kadai,slowly stir it for the better blending.Now add 1tbsp of oil and cook til the mixture absorps all the jaggery water.

4) Now the mixture leaves the sides of the pan without sticking.Add 2tbsp of seesame oil.
Switch off the flame. 

Sukku Kazhi is ready !!!

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