Jan 21, 2016

Ulundhu Kanji / Urad dhal Porridge (Sweet Version)

Black dhal is full with iron,folic acid,calcium,magnesium,potassium and B vitamins,that simply to meet the requirements of vitamins and minerals.Urad dhal is highly nutritious and is recommended for diabetics.It provides many of the nutritients to our body,such as proteins, fat and carbohydrates.In Indian cooking,it plays vital role to make soft idlies, Makhani gravy ,Porridge and main ingredient in tempering also.Black Gram dhal is also called as white lentils or black lentils.Generally ,black lentil is considered as the whole urad bean.White lentil is the same lentil with the husk (black skin) removed.

Amma prepared this kanji monthly once,specially cold and cough period.You can also use deskinned urad dhal for this porridge.Amma always told that it heals menstrual pain,body pain, and gives instant strength too.It is very good for both men and women's health.For post pregnancy ladies,this porridge serves good strength and increase milk secreation(addition of garlic).

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Ulundhu Kanji Recipe :
Thats it : Pressure cooking - Add jaggery Syrup - Cook it
Soaking time : 30mins 
Total Time :20 mins  
Serves : 3 Persons


Split Urad dhal with skin     1/4 Cup
[karupu ulundhu udaithadhu]
White Rice / Pacharisi          1/2 Cup
Water                                     2 Cups + 2Cups
Garlic                                     8 Pods

For Syrup :

Jaggery / Palm Jaggery          3/4 Cup[I used palm jaggery / Karupatti]
Ginger / dry ginger powder   1"piece[I used sukku pdr]
Cardamom / Cardamom        2Pods

Procedure :
1.Wash rice and dhal,soak it in cooker pan with 2Cups of water for 30mins.
Meanwhile peel off the garlic skin and keep it ready.
Add garlic pods to the cooker and pressure cook for 5whistles.

2.Meanwhile,heat a pan with crushed jaggery,cardamom,sukku,1Cup of water till the jaggery dissolves.Strain the syrup to remove impurities.
Extract coconut milk (use 1Cup of water) from 1/2 coconut.

3.Open the lid after pressure releases,smash the rice with back side of the ladle.
Add jaggery syrup to the cooked rice,dhal,mix well for better blending and make it boil till it absorbed.Finally add coconut milk,cook for 2mins then switch off the flame.

Ulundhu Kanji is ready !!!

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