Feb 3, 2016

Chola Idly - Dosai with Video [Cholam - Sorgum - Jowar]

Cholam / Sorghum / Jowar is a ancient and gluten-free grain,rich in thiamin,riboflavin,niacin and trace minerals such as iron,phosphorous and potassium.The colour of cholam / sorghum varies from white to red to black colour.Cholam / sorghum is oftenly eaten as porridge or boiled like rice as a base for other dishes.

Chola Idly-Dosai is the traditional breakfast which we forget in these fast-food days.Preparation of this batter is so easy.Amma brought a kg of chozham from india,with that we prepared idly-dosai batter and also we add some amount for making health-mix powder.I will post Homemade Health Mix Powder(Sathhu Maavu) with video soon.You can also prepare this batter by mixie.You can prepare Khool(porridge) with cholam.
 Check Out the recipe : 

Recent research suggests that sorghum consumption reduce the risk of colan and skin cancer more than other other grains,and other properties can promote cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol.

Chola Idly - Dosai :

Thats It : Soak - Grind - Ferment - Make Idly,dosas
Soaking Time : 3hrs
Serves             : Single Time for 3persons


Ingredients :

Cholam / Sorghum / Jowar   -  2Cups
Idly Rice                                -  1Cup
Whole Urad dhal (skinless)   - 1/2Cup
Fenugreek / Vendhayam        -  1tsp

Procedure :

                 # Wash and Soak Cholam,idly rice together for 3hrs.
                 # Wash and Soak Urad dhal,fenugreek for 1hr.

1.Add soaked dhal to the mixie with immersing level of water.Grind it with soaked water till it reaches thick,smooth and fluffy consistency.Add water little by little now and then.Keep the batter aside in a wide bowl.

2.Add soaked cholam and rice to the mixie with the immersing level of water(use that soaked water).Grind till it reaches fine rava/semolina consistency.Add this batter with smooth urad dhal batter.

3.Add salt and mix well till both the batter blends well.Batter should be like our idly batter(thick) consistency.Close the lid and keep the batter in the darker place for fermentation(8to10hrs).

       Chola Idly :

Soft Chola Idly is Ready !!!

Chola Dosai :

Chola Dosai is Ready !!!

Serving Suggestions :
Tomato Chutney
Coriander Chutney
Garlic Chuney

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