Feb 6, 2016

Vegetable Bread Upma (Using Whole Wheat Bread)

Vegetable Bread Upma is the healthy and filling dish which has loaded with so many nutritients.Using whole wheat bread with veggies are the best & guilty-free intake for our breakfast/dinner/tea-time.You can serve this as a evening snack for kids.Add 3-4 types of veggies(atleast 2 of the veggies should be their favourite) to make this upma so colourful which is so inviting for kids. 

Once in a week i used to serve bread based dishes for our breakfast/dinner.I always prefer whole-wheat bread which is the healthier version.Whenever i asked My Man about bread upma,he said 'No'.But 2days back he was out of town,so i tried and served it to amma.She is so surprised with the taste.
                             Try this upma and enjoy !!!

Vegetable Bread Upma (Using Whole Wheat Bread)
Thats It : Toast Bread - Cook Veggies - Toss Both
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : Breakfast - 2people,Snack - 3people

Ingredients :

Whole-Wheat Bread Slices       - 8

Ghee / Butter      - 2tbsp
Oil                       - 2tbsp
Cumin seeds       - 1tsp
Green Chillies    - 2
Ginger                - 1 tsp 
Cashews             - 5
Curry Leaves      - 1sprig
Onion                  - 1(big)
Tomato/Ketch Up/Lemon 
                            - 1(big)/1tbsp/1lemon
Veggies               - 1Cup
Sambar Pdr         - 1tsp
Coriander leaves - 2Sprigs
Salt                      - 1tsp-

*  Use any kind of bread 
* Veggies : { Carrot,beans,potato,peas,sweet corn,cauli flower,capsicum,cabbage }

Procedure :

# Trim the edges of your bread slices(Optional).
# Cut the bread slices into dices.

# Chop the veggies,green chillies,ginger and break the cashews.

1.Heat a heavy-bottomed pan,add ghee+bread cubes and toast it for 2-3mins till it crisps.Keep aside.

 2.In the same pan,add oil,cumin seed,after it splutters,add green chilli,ginger,broken cashews,curry leaves,fry for 1 minute,add sliced onions,and fry for 2mins. Now add veggies,salt and fry for a min then close the lid,cook for 3mins.

3.Add sambar powder and fry for a minute,then tomato ketchup,fry for a min.
Swich Off the flame.
Add the toasted bread cubes in it and toss well for even masala coating.

Healthy & Yummy Veg Bread Upma is ready !!!

Notes :
* You can squeeze lemon after switching of the flame and mix the veggies well(skip tomato/ketchup).
* After switching of the flame,add bread cubes and toss we to retain the crunchiness.It tastes good even after it looses thier crispiness.
* Adding veggies are optional.

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