Feb 23, 2016

Vegetable Sandwich Using Whole Wheat Breads (Stove-Top Method)

Vegetable sandwich is the healthier version of intake and using whole-wheat bread is the double satisfaction.This is the best choice for our breakfast/dinner/evening snack.You can add your favourite veggies to your sandwich.This is my version of veg stuffing.I usually make this veg sandwich or paneer sandwich(i follow my paneer bhurji recipe for paneer sandwich).You can use this stuffing with your chapathi,dosa.This tastes yummy and keeps your stomach full.

Melted cheese inside the sandwich always invite our kids,so ball is in our court now,add the veggies which is hated by them.
I prepared sandwich recipes by stove-top method and waiting to buy sandwich maker which includes 2-3 moulds.I am satisfied by this method tastewise and also texturewise.This is My Little Prince(1) favourite.

Vegetable Sandwich (Stove-Top Method) :
Thats It : Stuffing - Bread Toasting - Sadwich Making
Total Time : 25 to 30mins
Veg Stuffing (15mins) + Sandwich Making (10mins) 
Yields : 4 Sandwiches(8breads)
Serves : 2Persons
For Breakfast and Dinner serve this with fresh juices/milkshakes.

VIDEO : Vegetable Sandwich

Ingredients :

For the Veg Stuffing :

Oil/ghee/butter                     1tbsp
Jeeragam/Sombu                  1tsp
Garlic                                   2pods
Green Chilli                         2
Big Onion                            1    
Tomato                                1
Veggies                               1 1/2 Cup
{Carrot,Beans,Potato,Cauli flower,Sweet corn,Peas,Capsicum}
Sambar Pdr                          3/4 tsp
Coriander Leaves                1Sprig
Salt                                      1tsp

For Sandwich Making :

Butter / Ghee                4tsp
Whole-Wheat Breads   8 Slices
Cheese Slices               4 (u can use grated cheese 4tbsp)

* Use any heavy weight pan for pressing the sandwich(i used my small empty cooker pan.
* Adding sambar pdr is for the nice flavour.
* Skip tomato and add 1tbsp ketch up/juice from 1lemon after switch off the flame.

Procedure :

# Finely chop all the veggies.
# Keep ready with the bread slices and cheese.

For the Veg Stuffing :

* Heat a pan,add oil,sombu,after it sizzles,add green chilli,garlic,onion,fry for a minute.add tomato,fry till mushy,add sambar pdr,fry for a min,add veggies,salt and fry for 2mins.
* Close the lid and cook for 5mins,stir now and then(no need to add water.
* Switch off the flame.
* Garnish with coriander leaves.
* Cool down

For Sandwich Making :

* Heat a flat-based pan in a low flame,add 1tsp of ghee/butter and spread over the pan.
* Keep one bread slice and spread 2tbsp of veg stuff over it.
* Place 1cheese slice or 1tbsp grated cheese over it.
* Place another bread slice over the cheese.
* Above the bread,carefully place a heavy bottomed pan and cook for 40secs(till it browns).
* Then remove the pan and carefully flip over the sandwich,cook for 30 secs.(after flipping ,no need to keep the pan over the sandwich)
* Now take the sandwich out.

 # Cut the sandwich diagonally and serve it hot with ketchup.Without ketch up also it tastes good.

Vegetable Sandwich is Ready !!!

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