Mar 14, 2016

Urad Dal Ladoo / Ulundhu Ladoo

Urad dhal / Ulundhu / ,also known as white lentil or black lentil is a healthy pulse as it is rich in iron and protein gcontent.This helps boost the energy levels in the body and keeps you active.You can use split or whole black gram dhal to prepare this ladoo.It tastes like ulundhu kazhi.Addition of urad dhal in any form to your diet gives you so many health benifits.
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Urad dhal ladoo is very easy to make healthy recipe,i tried microwave cooking for making this.The outcome was so good and it tastes like same ulundhu kazhi.If you have urad dhal flour in your hand,making ladoos are very easy.Amma bought urad dhal flour from india,after preparing some recipes,finally i planned to make this ladoos(first try).

Urad Dhal Ladoo :
Thats It : Roast Flour - Mix Jaggery - Add Fried Cashews
Total Time : 15mins 
Yields : 10 medium-sized ladoos

Ingredients :

Urad Dhal Flour 1Cup
Grated Jaggery   3/4Cup
Cardamom          2pods
Water                  2tbsp
Cashews             5
Ghee                   3tbsp

Preparation :

1.Heat a pan with 2tbsp ghee,add broken cashews and fry till it becomes golden in colour.Keep the fried cashews aside in a big bowl.
*In microwave safe bowl,add ghee+cashews and microwave it for 50secs.Keep aside.

2.Now add urad flour by sieving to the same pan,roast it for 3mins til the aroma wafts.Now the flour colour changed.Keep the flour into the bowl.
*Add urad flour by sieving into the bowl & microwave it for 2mins.Stir it 2times in-between.

3.In the same pan,add crushed Jaggery,cardamom pods,Water to the pan and cook till the jaggery dissolves completely.Then switch off the flame and strain the jaggery syrup into the wide bowl.
* Add the strained syrup into the flour bowl.

4.Combine fried cashews,flour,jaggery syrup,ghee(remaining 1tbsp) everything together.

5.Grease your palm with ghee and start rolling the ladoos.

Store it in air-tight container.It stays good for 3days in room temperature.You can also store it in fridge.

Healthy Urad dhal Ladoos are ready !!!

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