May 17, 2016

Curry Leaves Oil l How To Grow Hair Faster ? l HOME REMEDIES

Curry Leaves plays a vital role in hair growth.These leaves are loaded with beta-carotene as well as protein that bring about significant reduction in hair fall.Antioxidants contained in curry leaves help revive dead hair follicles,stimulate them and promote hair growth.It contains Vitamin B which retains the natural colour of your hair,Vitamin B6 which strenthens the hair shafts.You can include fresh curry leaves or dried one to your diet.And the next step is curry leaves oil,you need coconut oil,fresh/dry curry leaves for this oil preparation.Curry Leaves Oil repairs damaged hair roots by supplying essential nutritients to your hair and scalp.

Benifits Of Curry Leaves :
* Prevents Premature Greying
* Stimulates Hair Growth
* Repairs Damaged Roots
* Reduces Hair Fall
* Rejuvenation of Hair Follicles
* Strenthening of Hair shafts
* For Weight Loss
* For Acne

Now,am enjoying post pregnancy period,facing too much hairfall,after combing my hair,i used to collect group of hairs.My Man is worrying about this and asked me(nearly 5times) to do something for hair care.I asked my mom,she told me to prepare curry leaves oil which is easy.So it hapened to try.After my india vocation,i will bring my mom's preparation of herbal oil which loads 3-4 ings(Curry Leaves,Amla,Hibiscus,Aleovera) and post it soon.
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You can try this curry leaves oil with fresh curry leaves or dried one.If you go for making bulk amount ,you can prepare with dried curry leaves.As our vocation holidays also nearing,so
i prepared smaller quantity of oil(nearly 500ml),it comes for about 2months.I used this oil in alternative days by massaging and My man,Little Prince used to apply every morning and took bath after 15mins.Try this oil for better results.

Homemade Curry Leaves Oil :
Thats It : Wash / Dry the Leaves - Soak in Hot Coconut Oil - Cool Down & Srore it
Preparation Time : 10mins
Resting Time/ Cooling Time : 30-40mins

VIDEO : Curry Leaves Oil

Ingredients :

Curry Leaves  1Cup (loosely  packed)
[or 2 handfull of leaves]
Coconut Oil     2Cups (500ml)
Castor Oil        1/4Cup (optional)

Heavy bottom kadai
Bottle for storing oil

Procedure : [I used fresh curry leaves]

# Take fresh curry leaves.Remove the leaves from its stem.Wash it well and dry them completely for no moisture in it.
[You can also sundry it for 3days till it browns/dries]

# Measure the curry leaves quantity

1.Heat a heavy-bottomed kadai,add 2Cups of oil.

2.Heat till the oil forms bubbles in the pan[that means oil is very hot ,be careful while handling].

Switch Off the flame.

3.Immedietely add curry leaves to the hot oil.Leaves should immersed in oil(or stir it with spoon for better cook).

4.Leave them for about 20+mins on stove itself till it completely cool down.Now the curry leaves turns dark(blackish green) in colour.

5.Take a wide bowl,lay with a cloth,now,keep the strainter over the cloth.Strain the curry leaves oil completely.Leave it for 5mins.

5.Now Tap the strainer for 4-5times for complete extraction.Gather the cloth edges squeeze the oil.Discard the leaves.

Homemade Curry Leaves Oil is ready !!!

Store it in air-tight bottle

Notes :
* [While adding leaves , for a safer side,keep a lid between your face and kadai,means,keep the lid nearly a kadai like the below picture.After adding the leaves,it sizzles(2nd pic),it looks oily around the pan/stove.Its like when we add mustard for seeding]

* Dont Cover the pan with lid as it releases vapour which decrease the oils shelf life.

How To Apply Curry Leaves Oil ?

* Gently massage your scalp/hair for circular motion for about 10mins for best results.
* Allow 15mins/45mins of restime time to your hair.
* Wash your hair with shampoo with normal temperature or warm water.

* Apply onto you hair atleast twice/thrice in a week.
* After applying this oil,your hair looks/feels sticky because of the natural costituents of the curry leaves.It smells different too.
* Curry leaves should be completely immersed in oil.

* Dont use hot water for head bath.
* Increase the intake of  fluids.
* Be relax and live stressfree life.
* Healthy foods are important for your health.

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