May 19, 2016

Hummus / Chickpea Dip

Hummus is a healthy arab dip which is prepared from white chickpeas / channa that have been cooked and mashed then blended with takini(white seesame seeds) and some other ingredients.Low in saturated fat ans high in fibre and protein,carbohydrates.It can be served with pita breads,chips,roti and grilled non-veg dishes.You can serve this with rotis,chappathis,sandwiches and fresh veggies(salad).

Last year,i had tasted hummus couple of times in turkish restaurents along with my friends.I asked my friend about the major ingredient present in hummus.I was so surprised with the answer,yes!!! its white chickpeas(white sundal).Last week i tried this,it results great in texture(creamy) and taste.I served with fresh veggies,toasted bread sticks and roti too.
The second important ingredient is takini(white seesame seeds /ellu paste).I bought white seesame seeds rarely for making ladoos.When i wanted to try this ,to my surprise i had both in my pantry that time.My Little Prince,My Man loved this a lot.This will be the best and healthy dip when packed into your kids lunch box.

Hummus Recipe :
Thats It : Soak Chickpea - Grind with all ings. 
Soaking Time : 8hours/overnight
Preparation Time : 15mins
Yields : 1 1/4Cup+
Serves : 3Persons


Ingredients :
White Chickpeas / White channa   1/2Cup
Takini paste    2tbsp
(white seesame seed paste/puree)
Garlic   1flake
Lemon Juice   1/2tbsp(frm 1/2lemon)
Olive oil   2tbsp+1tbsp
Salt    to taste

For this recipe : (if u r not having takini paste,follow this)
# Dry roast white seesame seeds1tbsp) till it starts brown in colour,then dry grind it coarsely then add 1tbsp of olive oil and grind it as a paste.(then follow the procedure from step4)

Procedure :

1. Wash & soak white chickpeas in water for 8hrs/overnight.

2. Drain the water & pressure cook with immersing level of water for 5whistles.

3. Optional : (i skipped this step)
Remove the outer skin from cookeed channa.

4. Take the blender,add cooked channa.takini paste,garlic flake,lemon juice with little water (cooked channa water) ,grind coarsely then add salt,olive oil(2tbsp),again make a smooth paste.

Serving Suggestions :

Take a wide bowl/plate for serving hummus.
# Make Swirls
# Drizzle Oil

# Sprinkle Red Chilli Powder

Serve this healthy chickpea dip with pita breads,chips,sandwiches,rotis and along with salads.

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