May 2, 2016

Inji Kashayam / Ginger Kashayam

Inji Kashayam / Ginger Kashayam is the best and quick home remedy which heals constipation,indigestion,bodyache and cold n cough.You can prepare this kashayam once in a month or a week for better health.Usually this drink is prepared for postpregnancy moms.
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I usually prefer home remedies to treat my family's illness.I always adopt traditional recipes from my mom and grandmom which they followed for me and now i do the same.Even though you are undergoing english medicines, its better to take some traditional recipes to improve your immune system.
Include Ginger.Honey,Lemon,Turmeric Powder,Garlic with your foods/diet for better health.

Inji Kashayam / Ginger Kashayam :
Thats It : Extract ginger juice - Cook with honey - Cool down
Total Time : 30mins
[Preparation time : 5mins , Resting Time : 20mins , Cooking Time :5mins] 
Yields : 1Cup+
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :

Ginger chopped 1/2Cup [Palm sized]
Water                 1/2 Cup
Honey                1/4 Cup

Procedure :

1.Wash the ginger piece, peel off the skin and roughly chop it.

2.In a mixie jar,add chopped ginger pieces,water and grind it to a smooth paste.Strain the ginger juice and discard the scum.
*Now leave the ginger juice aside for 20mins without disturbing.

3.After 20mins of resting time,slowly transfer the ginger juice to another bowl.Now you can see the leftover thick white paste settling down in the juice tumbler,discard it.
Now measure the ginger juice and take half amount of honey from that.

4.Heat a heavy-bottomed kadai in low-flame,add honey,after a min, it make bubbles(first pic) then add extracted ginger juice and mix well.Cook for 3-4mins.
Switch off the flame.

Cool down slightly.Drink warm or at room temperature.

Inji Kashayam is Ready !!!

Serving Suggestions :
1.Dont drink water for 30mins after taking this kashayam
2.Best Time to take this kashayam
* Morning in empty stomach
* Night after 2hrs of dinner time 

Note :
1. You can also add peppercorns 1tsp,coriander seeds 2tsp while grinding ginger with water.In that case,increase 2tbsp of honey amount.

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