May 29, 2016

Multi-colour Crayons l How To Reuse Old crayons into Multi-colour crayons

As a mom,i totally agreeee,

Colouring is the best choice for kids to develop their creative skills.The motions involved in colouring like holding the tools and scribbling with crayon can help in the development of the tiny muscles in his wrist,fingers and hands.They can express their dreams through it.Colouring a picture can help your children to recognize line,perspective,color,shape and form.It improves confidende in young kids.Colouring vent children's feelings,frustrations and other emotions through colouring.
Colouring Benifits :
* Improve Handwriting
* Hand and Eye Coordination
* Relaxation and Patience
* Focus
* Knowledge
* Confidence
* Motor Skill
* Stimulates Creativity
* Self-Expression
* Color Recognition
* Language Development

Gauthik loves colouring like all kids.Eventhough he had a huge collections of these, when we went for shopping,always he used to demand any one from these four building blocks,play dough(clay),crayons/colouring books,story books and his most favourite car.As a mom,i always encourage these activities.I strongly believe extra curricular activities plays a very important role in life than academics.I wonder every creative work done by him and captured it without fail,yes!!!,Kids are the main reasons behind all mom's photography talent.
I saw so many tiny used crayons in his toy box.So its my long term idea to make multi-colour crayons for him.Finally mission completed 2days before.

Multi-Colour Crayons - DIY
Thats It : Crayons - Melt it - Mould it
Total Time : 10mins
Drying Time : 15mins

Things Required :
Fresh / Old Crayons

[you can aluminium foil cups for melting this crayons]
It can be done in 2ways both stove-top and microwave version.Here,i posted microwave version.

Procedure :

1.Collect old/tiny crayons.

2.Choose a microwave safe bowl.I used silicon mould,so i arrange all these on my tray as its not stiff.

3.Add crayons to it and microwave it till it all melts.Melting time varies to every type of crayons,for me,it took 8mins to completely melt.
For stove-top method : Take crayons in a bowl and place them in hot boiling water,keep on boiling in medium flame till it all melts.

4.Now it melted completely,immedietely pour the melted mixture into your kids favourite moulds,allow them to rest it for 10-15mins for drying.I used my flower shaped silicon moulds so i kept them as it is for drying.

5.Now it hardens and ready to demould.

I used silicon mould so its easy for demoulding.If you are using other bowls/moulds ,just pat them it will easily comes out.

Multi-colour crayons are ready to use !!!

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