May 11, 2016

Multigrain Dates Cake (Using Palm Jaggery/karuppati), [No Eggs-No Sugar-No Maida]

No Eggs - No Sugar - No Maida

Dates Cake is the best and nutrition-rich cake and it tastes great too.When i was thinking about baking(probably monthly twice) cake or cookies,i wanted to use whole wheat flour in my recipes.Last time i bought multi-grain atta,so it happened to try with that flour.Initially i was very doubtfull with the texture,how it would be,but believe me,it turns too good in tastewise and also texturewise.I used palm jaggery and cardamom here,for a change/twist.The cake was moist and spongy,see the bottomside and sides of the cake in my pics(before cutting).

After 5mins of cooling time,My Little prince asked me for the cake without patience,so i cut the cake earlier.Those who hate Dates will admit themself for this cake.

Already i tried this cake long back by adding chopped nuts and chopped dates.When My Little Prince see the chopped dates in the cake,he said very big 'No' but the taste was soooo good.Me and My Man,friends enjoyed this.Now i grind all the dates into paste and on the top i garnish some broken cashews(his fav nut).This time he enjoyed eating this and said 'i love you' toooo.

Multigrain Dates Cake :
Thats It : Dates Paste - Combine ings. - Bake
Preparation Time : 15mins
Baking Time : 45mins
Yields : 6Cakes(bigger size)

Ingredients :

Multigrain Flour      1Cup (i used Pillsburry brand,use whole-wheat flour or Maida )
Milk                           3/4Cup (boiled,cooled)
Grated Jaggery        3/4Cup (Use powdered sugar also)
Cardamom pdr        1/2tsp
Butter                        1/2Cup (melted)(replace oil or ghee )
Baking Soda             1tsp
Dates                         20pieces
{you can use/reserve few pieces of chopped dates too}
CashewNuts             8 (broken)

Procedure :

# Boil Milk 

# Deseed dates and soak them in hot milk(3/4Cup) for 10mins.
#Grind the soaked dates into smooth paste by adding little milk

# OPTIONAL : Add the powdered jaggery as it is OR heat a pan with jaggery,2tbsp water and let them dissolve.Then strain it to remove the impurities.It becomes 1/4Cup in quantity.Cool down completely.

Preheat Oven at 180C / 360F.

1.Take mixing bowl,add melted butter,jaggery syrup,cardamom powder and mix well.Then add dates paste,mix it well without any lumps.

2.To this,add milk and mix well till it blends.Now add flour and baking soda by sieving,gently mix well with without any lumps.

3.Take a microwavw safe tray/pan,grease with butter and dust with flour,tap the tray for removing excess flour.I placed aluminium foil onto the tray.
Pour the batter and level it by spatula,add chopped nuts and slightly press it for better sticking.

4.Bake the cake into the preheated oven for 40mins or until the inserted toothpick comes out clean.Then Cool down completely.

5.Run the knife for making slices.

Multigrain Dates Cake is ready !!!

Serve it with Milk.
Updated : 16-07-2016
Whole-Wheat Dates Cake

I bake this above cake yesterday with whole-wheat flour,it comes out perfect.I follow the same above ingredients with the little change.
Ingredients :

Whole-Wheat Flour      2Cups
Dates Puree                   1 1/2Cup 
Grated Jaggery              1 1/2Cup [i used karupatti]
Milk                               1 1/2Cup
Butter(melted)               1/2Cup
Oil                                 1/2Cup

Cashew Nuts                  4tbsp(chopped)
Baking Soda                   1 1/2tsp
Cardamom Powder         3/4tsp

Yields : 20 medium sized pieces

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