Jun 2, 2016

Bread Gulab Jamun (using Whole Wheat Breads)

Bread Gulab Jamun is one of the easy and instant method among all types of jamuns.I already tried this bread jamuns 2times using whole wheat breads but it turned out hard as i added little all-purpose flour to it.i  cut the jamuns into tiny pieces and served that.So this time i simply add milk to it and make a soft dough,it comes out so good in texture.I did not add soda too.You can also use milk bread for this,it also results very delicious and soft jamuns.

Bread Gulab Jamun (using whole wheat breads) :
Thats It : Make a dough - Deep Fry - Soak in sugar syrup
Total Time : 15mins
Makes : 12medium sized balls

You can also use milk bread,it turns good and soft.
I used boiled and cooled milk.
I skipped adding rose essense and saffron.

Procedure :

1.Trim the edges of the breads.Roughly make into pieces.

2.Take the bread pieces into the jar and make powder of it.
[OR dip the whole bread slices into the milk and squeeze it,powder it and make the dough]

3.Add milk and form a soft dough.Dough should be soft not too tight.Rest it for 10mins(optional).

4.Heat a sauce pan with sugar & water with medium heat,let the sugar dissolve.Keep on heating till it became sticky(6-7mins).Now add cardamom pdr and switch off the flame.

5.Now divide the dough into small crackless and smooth balls.Dont apply too much pressure while rolling the balls otherwise jamuns turn out hard in texture.

6.Heat a kadai with oil and ghee in low-medium flame.[I add 3 tbsp ghee into the oil]

7.Add the rolled balls gently into the oil and ghee.Stir and fry till it turns golden in colour.Take out and drain it on paper towels.

8.Soak the balls into hot/warm sugar syrup,rest it for 2hours for the better syrup absorption.The size will be doubled after 2hours.

Garnish with pistachios while serving.
Serve chill !!!

Instant Bread Gulab Jamuns are ready!!!

Notes :
1.Dont over knead the dough.
2.Dont put too much pressure while rolling balls otherwise it turns hard in texture.Gently roll the balls without cracks.

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