Jun 29, 2016

Camphor Oil / Sooda Ennai l Home Remedies

Camphor Oil / Sooda Ennai(in Tamil) is one of the best home remedies that i prefer among others.I can call this as multi-purpose oil.When kids/babies are suffering from cold,the first remedy from grand parents is camphor oil.Camphor oil is nothing but the crushed camphor is dissolved in hot coconut oil.

I prefer home remedies for maximum level which cures slowly with boosting better immune system.I used this regularly for my kids when they are suffering with cold and cough,i apply little amount of camphor oil to their chest,back side below the neck,2-3times for inhaling and apply to their feet too.For 6months-2year babies apply this oil to their feet and wear socks for better sleep.I followed this for Gautham and now for Vikram too,it works well.When i was staying in the hostel during my schooling,one of my friens,Jenifer brings this oil in box for treating cold,it smells good,we are simply smell that.
Dont over-apply that,for babies totally 4drops are enough and for kids 1tsp is enough.Keep reach out of children as it is poisonous for internal use.
You are not getting camphor at your place,use vicks vaporup instead of using camphor oil[follow same procedure].

This oil has numerous health benifits.There are 2 types of camphors available in market,one is edible camphor / Pachai Karpooram which we add for enhancing the taste of the sweets/desserts,the other one is synthetic camphor which we used during poojas.

Benifits of Camphor oil :

* Apply warm camphor oil on the babies/kids chest,feet by rubbing to get good relief from chest congestion.
* Add 2-3drops of warm camphor oil inside your ears while earache/earinfections.
* Massage this oil for muscle pain.
* Massage warm camphor oil for pregnancy leg cramps.
* To get rid of ants/bed bugs,place the crushed camphor in a cloth,tie it up and place it near the area.[Or sprinkle camphor oil but b careful you are having kids as it is poisonous]
* Mix little amount of camphor oil to your coconut oil and apply to your scalp,leave it for 10mins then rinse with your shampoo to get ride of dandruff/hairloss.

Camphor oil :
Thats It : Heat oil - Add camphor - Mix it
Preparation Time :3mins

Ingredients :
Coconut Oil                    1Cup
Synthetic Camphor         1tbsp (crushed)
[i used 4 squares]

[Replace camphor with 1/4tsp of vicks vaporub,if you are not getting camphor in your place.But add it to the hot oil after switch off the flame]

Procedure :

1.Heat a seeding pan in low flame,add coconut oil and heat it till it becomes hot.

2.Meanwhile,roughly crush the synthetic camphor.

3.Now switch off the flame and add crushed camphors,stir it and let it dissolve in the hot oil.

Cool down & store it in the air-tight container.

Multi-Purpose Camphor Oil is Ready !!!

Notes :
1.Keep reach out of children to avoid eating this as it is poisonous.
2.Dont apply for internal use like skin cut.
3.It stays good for longer days.

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