Jun 8, 2016

Chocolate-Banana Sandwich

Chocolate-Banana Sandwich is one of the big hit sandwiches among kids.You can happily pack this in your kids tiffin box.Here,i used whole wheat breads,when the stuffing is our favourite,no kids would complain about the whole wheat breads.

Most of the times,i choose this simple,easy and healthy sandwich for my lazy mornings with a cup of milk or any juice.

You can try this by stove-top method also.Check out my Vegetable Sandwich recipe for the reference.

Chocolate -Banana Sandwich :
Thats It : Spread Chocolate - Arrange Banana slices - Toast it
Total Time : 5mins
Makes : 4 Sandwich-triangles

Ingredients :

Butter   - 1tsp(for brushing)
Whole-wheat breads   - 4
Nutella   - 2tsp/tbsp
[you can use chocolate sauce / chocolates / choco chips]
Ripen banana   - 1/2
 [i use nendram banana,you can use any variety.Ripen bananas]

Procedure :
# Take required amount of breads

1.Cut the ripen banana into slices.

2.Grease the sandwich maker mould with butter/ghee.

3.Place single bread over the mould.Spread nutella on it.

4.Arrange the banana slices on top of the nutella spread.Cover with other slice of bread.

5.Close the sandwich maker and toast for about 2minutes as per your manual instructions.Carefully remove the sandwiches from the mould.

Make them as triangles and serve it with milk.

Chocolate-Banana Sandwich is ready !!!

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