Jun 13, 2016

Cucumber-Mint Cooler

Cucumber and mint,both are wonderful ingredients which beats this scorching summer and keeps your body hydrated.This cooler drink flushes out toxins and lavishes you with vitamins and minerals.In my home,cucumber is the permanent fruit which is always available in my fruit basket.My Man and gautham's favourite fruit,so i prepare cucumber raita/salad/juice/cooler for them often.I  was not fond of this,but my man never forget to buy this as this is very healthier fruit.You all know that gautham's tiffin box is always packed with cucumber sticks/slices in alternative days.

Cucumber-Mint Cooler :
Thats It : Wash cucumber & mint - Chop & Blend
Total Time : 5-7mins
Serves : 3Persons

Ingredients :
Cucumber   - 2medium sized
Mint Leaves    - 10leaves
Sugar/honey   - 2tbsp/3tbsp
Water   - 2Cups
Lemon   - 1
Ice cubes 

Procedure :

1.Wash cucumber  & mint leaves.

2.Trim the edges of the cucumber,roughly chop it.

3.Into the blender,add chopped cucumber,mint leaves,sugar/honey and blend it well.Now add water,lemon juice,ice cubes and mix it well.
Optional : Strain it(i skipped)

Serve It Chilled !!!

Notes :
1.Cucumber itself release half amount of water while blending.
2.Peel off the cucumber skin is optional as both versions tastes good.

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