Jun 30, 2016

Garlic Milk Porridge / Poodu paal sadham/kanji l Lactating Mothers

Garlic Milk Porridge / Poondu Paal Sadham is mainly prepared for lactating mothers to increase their breastmilk supply/secreation.This kanji also helps in digestion and a best cure for body ache.It helps you for the better sleep.Garlic,fenugreek/fenugreek leaves,milk,urad dhal,tapioca,dry fruits & nuts are the best recommended foods for new moms.
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When mom was here,she used to cook this for me,i loved this,she just add less amount of salt for this recipe.It tastes divine.Its a bland milk rice with a garlic flavour.My drafts are loading with baby food recipes but want to post this recipes parallely.

Garlic Porridge / Poondu Kanji :
Thats It : Soak rice - Add garlic,fenugreek,milk - Pressure cook
Soaking Time : 10mins
Total Time : 20mins
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :
Rice                        1/2Cup
Fenugreek seeds     2tsp
Garlic                     12pods
Cumin seeds           1tsp
Water                      1Cup
Milk                        2Cups
Sukku Powder        1/2tsp(or ginger)
Pepper powder       1/4tsp(optional)
Salt                         1/4tsp+
[OPTIONAL :Add coconut milk by replacing half quantity of milk]

Procedure :

# Wash rice & fenugreek together and soak it for 10mins.
# Meanwhile boil milk and peel off the garlic skin.

2.In a pressure cooker,add soaked rice & fenugreek seeds,garlic pods,cumin seeds,milk(1Cup only),water and pressure cook for 5whistles in low-medium flame.

3.After pressure releases,mash it well,add milk(remaining 1Cup),sukku powder,mash and mix it well.

Healthy Poondu Kanji is ready !!!

Serve this with any kootu,poriyal,thogayal,pickle or have it as such.

Notes :
1.After a bit time,rice becomes little dry,if you want add warm/hot water/milk ,mix well and serve it.
2.Use ginger bits while pressure cooking or add sukku/dry ginger powder after pressure cooking.
3.While pressure cooking,there is a chance of spilling milk liquid through vent,its normal which it happened while cooking venpongal.

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