Jun 19, 2016

Omavalli Leaves Bajji [Omavalli-Karpooravalli-Ajwain-Country Borage]

[Karpooravalli-Omavalli-Ajwain Leaves-Country Borage]

Karpooravalli has many medicinal benifits.This leaves and seeds(ajwain) are often used in treating common cold,cough and digestion problems.This plant is very easy to grow and maintain.Just a stem is enough to start growing a plant in new place.


One of my best friends mari akka,gifted me this plant, two weeks back.I used this leaves for treating cold by making steam inhalation.This is new recipe for me,i heard the word omavalli bajji from my mom as she tasted from my co-sisters hands.It takes only few mins to prepare.Yesterday,I prepared this bajji with my usual bajji measurements.So i clicked everything fast and the final arrangement done from my man.I simply served with tea,you can also have this bajji with coconut chutney or even with ketch-up.Tnk u dear.He liked this bajji and ask me to try with couple of leaves together to make this bajji.It tastes good.Gautham also loved this taste,so double happiness for me.

Omavalli Leaves Bajji :
Thats It : Wash & Dry the leaves - Prepare Batter - Dip & deep fry it
Total Time : 15mins 
Serves :2Persons


Ingredients :

Omavalli Leaves     25leaves
[I used Big & small leaves]
Besan/gram flour    1/2Cup
Rice flour                1tbsp
Red chilli powder   1tbsp
Asafoetida/hing      3pinches
Bi-carbonate soda   2pinches
Salt                         3/4tsp   

Water                      1/2Cup+2tbsp

Procedure :

1.Wash ajwain leaves and dry them well in towel/paper towel.

2.In a wide bowl,add gram flour,rice flour,red chilli powder,hing,cooking soda,salt and roughly mix it.Add 1/2Cup of water and make smooth,lump-free batter then add 2tbsp of batter mix it well. 

3.Heat oil in a kadai with low-medium flame,keep your batter bowl near the kadai.Take a leaf and dip in and gently add it to the oil,cook for 30secs..Dont crowd the bajjis,flip it over and cook for 30sec.Take out the bajjis and drain it on the paper towels.

Omavalli Leaves Bajji is ready !!!

Serve it with Tea!!!

Serve with Tea,Coconut chutney or Ketch-up!
Notes :
1.Batter consistency is important for making bajjis.It should not be too thick and thin but in pouring consistency.I always add equal amount of water to the besan,then add little extra to get the desired consistency.
2.Cook in low-medium flame.

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