Jun 27, 2016

Ragi-Milk Payasam l Kheer with ragi-milk

I am very happy to share this healthy kheer with you all.I have started this blog after 2.5years of Gautham's arrival.I totally admit myself to admire him and never forget to record it too.I always have my cam with me to click his smiling,crying,dancing,naughtyness,stealing(icecreams) from the fridge,the mess during my 5mins of silence/absence,cooking some dishes with proper serving(he used to ask me all the ings.(atleast a spoon) to cook),his first 10 words and so on.I love to see the memories now and then.By that way,now i want to do this all for Viki too.Finally,kids brings out our thoughts into reality.

Now,coming to the recipe,when i was extracting ragi-milk for viki's ragi-milk porridge last week,suddenly this kheer idea came to my mind.So without any delay,immedietely,i go for making payasam and the result was yummyyyyy!!!.So this is the answer for above excitement.My Man and Gautham liked this a lot.Finally,my UG class mantra swirls in my mind "Everything is what we do".

Ragi-Milk Kheer :
Thats It : Extract ragi-milk - Cook - Blend in milk,Sugar
Soaking Time : 8hrs/overnight
Preparation Time : 10mins
Cooking Time : 25mins
Serves : 5persons

Ingredients :

Milk Extraction :
Whole-grain ragi  1/2Cup
Water                    3/4 to 1Cup

Kheer Making :
Ragi - Milk                        1Cup+
Water                                 6Cups
Milk                                   2Cups
Sugar                                 1Cup
Cardamom                        1/2tsp

Ghee                                 2tbsp
Nuts                                  1/4Cup
[i used Cashew Nut    6,Almond    3,Raisins   4]

Procedure :

Milk Extraction :
* Soak ragi grains in water for 8hrs/overnight.Wash the grains (by rubbing) nearly 7-8times to remove the impurities.

* Take ragi grains into the mixie jar,add 1/4Cup of water,grind it for 30secs,then add 1/4Cup of water and grind it.Dont add too much water at the begining as it will not crushed properly.Add water little by little at 3times.

* Take a bowl,pour the ground ragi mixture through  the strainer.Stir and press the mixture with a spoon for the complete milk extraction.Repeat the process till the ragi scum looks clear.
[I add 1/4Cup water for every 3times and take the milk]

Ragi-Milk is Ready!!!

Kheer Making :

# Boil milk and keep aside

1.Heat a heavy-bottomed pan in low medium flame,add water(4Cups only) and extracted ragi-milk into it.Mix it well.

2.Now it thickens and forms lump,stir it continuously.Using fork laddle or whisker is better.Scrape the sides and cover all over the bottom pan by stirring.Cook till the bubbles up,it takes 5to6mins.Now add remaining 2Cups of water,cook till the raw smell goes(3mins).
Again you found any lumps or bits after scraping the sides,leave it.It gives better texture too.[Initial cooking of 6mins are very important]

3.Add milk and sugar,mix it well.Stir it continuously and cook for 3-4 mins.Add cardamom powder and swtich off the flame.

4.Chop the nuts.Heat a pan in low flame,add ghee and chopped nuts,fry till it starts browning,now add raisins,when it bloats,switch off the flame.

5.Add the fried nuts and mix well.

Serve it chill or warm!!!

Healthy Ragi-Milk Payasam is ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can replace the ragi-milk by 3/4Cup  ragi flour and follow the same procedure.
2.Washing the grains 6-7times is a must one.
3.Keep on stirring at the initial stage to avoid lumps.
4.Using muslin cloth for extracting ragi-milk is a traditional way.I personally prefer direct straining method which is easy as again we are going to blend in water.

5.You can add increase or decrease the amount of your favourite chopped nuts. 

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