Jun 22, 2016

Ragi-Milk Porridge for babies/Kidsl Baby Food Recipes 5+ months

Ragi - Finger Millet - Kezhvaragu - Nachini 

Ragi is nutritious and it helps your baby's overall growth and development.It is gluten-free,low in fat and easily digestible.You can introduce it to your baby once they completes six months.Ragi keeps your baby's stomach full for longer time.

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I started feeding this porridge to viki,he finished his portion without any trouble.I skipped sweetners sugar and jaggery,still if you serve them warm they will like all foods.I am going to follow this strictly till his 8months which i missed for gauthik.He passed his stool regularly so nothing to worry with this porridge in digestion.I usually soak 1/2Cup ragi grain for making porridge which comes for our 3(gauthik,viki and me).

Ragi-Milk Porridge :(6+ months)
Thats It : Soak & wash grains - Extract Milk - Cook 
Soaking Time : 8hrs/overnight 
Total Time : 25mins 
Serves :3-4Cups

Ingredients :

Ragi-Milk Extraction :
Whole-Ragi grain    1/2Cup
Water                        3/4 to 1Cup

Ragi-Milk Porridge :
Ragi-Milk                 1Cup+
Water                        6Cups
Grated Jaggery          1tsp
Ghee                          3drops                  

Procedure :
1.Soak ragi grains in water for 8hrs/overnight.Wash the grains (by rubbing)nearly 7-8 times to remove the impurities.

2.Take ragi grains into the mixie jar,add 1/4Cup of water,grind it for 30secs,then add 1/4Cup of water and grind it.Dont add too much water at the begining as it will not crushed properly.Add water little by little at 3times.

3.Keep strainer lay with muslin cloth/thin cotton cloth above the bowl,now pour the mixture into it.Slowly stir it and press it with a spoon.Repeat this for 3-4times till you see the ragi scum clear..Now gather the edges of the muslin cloth and press it on strainer tightly to extract the complete milk.Your final pulp should be clear brown in colour.
[i added 3/4Cup of water little by little(3times).

Extracted Ragi-Milk !!!

4.Heat a pan with ragi milk,add 4Cups of water then slowly stir it continously to avoid lumps.Cook till it thickens,makes bubbles,it may take 3-4minutes,then add remaining 2Cups of water and cook for 5to 7mins.Now add your jaggery syrup for req portion.Ragi mixture looks glossy in texture.

5.Add ghee to the required portion and mix it well.

Serve it slightly warm.
Ragi-Milk Porridge is ready!!!

Ragi-Milk Porridge with Buttermilk : (for toddlers and kids)

Ingredients :
Ragi Porridge   3/4Cup
Buttermilk        1/2Cup
Salt                   1/4+ tsp

[You can also add milk and sugar/jaggery instead of salt and buttermilk]

Procedure :

In a wide vessel,combine porridge,buttermilk,salt ,stir it without any lumps.Serve it!!

Ragi-Milk Porridge for toddlers/kids !!!

Notes :
1.Using a cloth for extracting ragi milk is a traditional way.I found little easier with strainer itself,the holes should be very tiny.

2.Adding Ghee helps in digestion.
3.Adding jaggery is better than sugar for sweetness.
4.Clean the ragi grain 6-7times before going for the milk extraction or till the grain looks clear.
5.If you are adding jaggery : Heat a pan with jaggery and little water,dissolve it and strain it to remove the impurities,mix it with your babies portion.                                 

Keep some points in mind before introducing first / other foods to your babies.
* Six months of complete breastfeeding is essential for babies.Those who are not comfortable physically will go for introducing other recipes.Dont introduce new foods when your baby is suffering from cold and cough as that time mothers milk is the best remedy for that.
* Sterilize the bowls,spoons and bottles before feeding the foods.
* Keep reserve the seperate cooking pot(preferrably small) for making foods for babies.
* Make the homemade cereal powders in small quantity,very helpful one.
* Always start by feeding thin clear water/soup first.
* Serve it slightly warm,they hate chilled(room temperature) food.
* After introducing a new food,wait for 2days to check the reaction (it may be loose motion,mild rashes)in their body.[check 3days rule for infants in internet]
* Continue your first food recipe for 3days in alternate days, then switch over to next one.
* Say 'No' to salt,sugar,spiciness till 10months as all tastes are new to them and serve it little warm,they hate cool/room temp most of the times.[Its purely your wish]
* Strictly a big 'No' to honey till one year.
* Ghee and jaggery(good than sugar) is advisible after 6months.[Its purely your wish]

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