Jun 6, 2016

Rice Powder l Baby Food Recipes (4-6+ months)

Once your baby has reached six months,and its time to introduce other liquid/solid foods.Most of the moms prefer rice water as their baby's first food as it is nutritious,less allerginic and easily digestible.Six months of complete breastfeeding is necessary to build babies immune system well.You can also start from 4months to feed other less allergenic foods(barley,dal) in the form of thin soup/water.
you can use this powder for 2years kid also,when they are falling sick.

I got these baby food recipes from my neighbour mami 4.5years back when gautham was born.I learned baby massaging techniques,baby food recipes etc.; from her.We came here(oman),when gautham was 8months old.Our parenting journey felt little easier with so many tips from successful moms. So i decided to follow that for vikram also.I prepared rice powder,barley powder,dal powder last week itself.This powder preparation needs less time and it is very handy while travelling to other place too.Try to avoid salt and sugar till(atleast) 10months.I used to give a dash of salt/sugar for gautham,but for him i strictly skipped.Initially after drinking half of the quantity,i just warm it slightly then serve him,he finished the bowl.So they are welcoming every new foods.

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Rice Powder for babies (4-6+ months)
Thats It : Wash Rice - Roast it - Grind as powder
Total Time : 15mins
Makes : 1Cup+

Ingredients :

Cooking Rice  1Cup
Ajwain / Omam / Carrom seeds  3/4tsp

[i used ponni puzhungal arisi/rice]

Preparation :

# Choose good quality of rice

1.Wash the rice 2-3times and drain it immediately,its better to rest in strainer for 2mins then tap it for  removing excess water.

2.Heat a pan in a low-medium flame and add the wet rice into the pan.Roast it till all the moisture gone.Initially it looks wet then  it slowly dried,it takes around 4-5mins.Dont burn the rice.

3.Now add ajwain to the rice and roast it for 2mins then transfer into the plate for cooling down.

5.Check your mixie jar if it is wet,just wipe off with clean cloth and dry it well.
Add cooled rice and ajwain to it and grind it as a fine powder.

6.Store it in air-tight container.

Homemade Rice Powder is ready !!!

Keep some points in mind before introducing first / other foods to your babies.
* Six months of complete breastfeeding is essential for babies.Those who are not comfortable physically will go for introducing other recipes.Dont introduce new foods when your baby is suffering from cold and cough as that time mothers milk is the best remedy for that.
* Sterilize the bowls,spoons and bottles before feeding the foods.
* Keep reserve the seperate cooking pot(preferrably small) for making foods for babies.
* Make the homemade cereal powders in small quantity,very helpful one.
* Always start by feeding thin clear water/soup first.
* Serve it slightly warm,they hate chilled(room temperature) food.
* After introducing a new food,wait for 2days to check the reaction (it may be loose motion,mild rashes)in their body.[check 3days rule for infants in internet]
* Continue your first food recipe for 3days in alternate days, then switch over to next one.
* Say 'No' to salt,sugar,spiciness till 10months as all tastes are new to them and serve it little warm,they hate cool/room temp most of the times.[Its purely your wish]
* Strictly a big 'No' to honey till one year.

* Ghee and jaggery(good than sugar) is advisible after 6months.[Its purely your wish]

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