Jul 16, 2016

Apple-Pear Puree l Baby Food Recipes 6months+

Fruit puree is one of the best servings to babies,they love to have it.Apple and pear fruits are the best combo ever.These puree is easily digestible and relieves constipation.Here am using red apple and green pear,if you find red pear,pick that as it is having bit high flavonoids than green one.

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This puree looks creamy and tastes sooooooo good,i too love this.No need to add sweetners.I mostly prefer steaming method to Vikram.I love to feed foods to Viki as this stage(7mnths) is not a big deal.Try this yummy apple-pear combo for your babies/kids,they will love for sure.

Apple-Pear Puree : 6months+
Thats It : Wash & Peel - Cut - Steam It - Puree
Total Time : 15mins
Serves : Single Time (3/4Cup)

VIDEO : Apple Pear Puree

Ingredients :
Apple     1/2       (1/2cup)
Pear        1small (1/2cup)

Water / Formula Milk / Breastmilk   2tbsp+ (optional)

Procedure :
1.Wash the apple and pear well.Peel off the skin using peeler,cut into cubes.

2.I place my base plate inside the water filled cooker.Take the cut fruits in a bowl and place it on the base plate and close the lid.Pressure cook for 3whistles.After pressure releases, it looks so soft in texture and leaves water.

3.Cool down for a bit time and grind it to a smooth paste.If needed add liquid to get the right consistency.

Apple-Pear Puree is ready !!!

Serve them slightly warm but not in cold temperature.

Notes :
After cutting the fruits,immediately go for cooking or steaming as it changes its nutrition & colour.

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