Jul 11, 2016

Apple Puree (Steamed) l Baby Food Recipes 4-6months+

Apple is one of the best fruits to introduce your babies once they reached 6months(also from 4months).I started feeding fruits like apple(first fruit),banana,pear,orange(with more water) to Viki.No need to add sweetener for these fruits as naturally it tastes sweet.I recommend/followed steaming/cooking for some fruits and veggies to prevent babies tummy upset and steaming is good than cooking.I added pureed fruits and veggies(introduced carrot and beetroot) to his porridges,kichadis,cereals.He loves apple rice,apple-pear puree...(upcoming posts).You gave them raw apple with skin in pureed form once they reached 8months.

If you want/have,add a pinch of cinnamon powder which is a great combination with apple ever[i skipped].

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Usually for baby food recipes,i asked Gautham to choose toys for the display.After preparing this puree,i told the recipe he immedietely took this and gave it to me and satisfied with the clicks too.Nowadays, when i am in big confusion about choosing ,he solves my problems.
Apple Puree (steamed) : 4-6months+
Thats It : Wash & peel off the apple - Cut - Steam It - Puree It 
Total Time : 15mins
Serves : Single time

Ingredients :

Apple      1Cup (1apple)

Water      2tbsp (optional)
[To adjust the consistency add liquid,i add little 2-3tbsp of water.
You can add breastmilk/formula milk]

Procedure :

1.Choose good quality red apple.Wash the apple fruit well.Twist and pull out the head stem.Peel off the skin thoroughly and cut into small cubes.

2.Place the cut apple cubes in bowl and place it inside the cooker/pot filled with water.I kept my seperate cooker base in water then placed the bowl.Pressure cook for 2whistles in medium flame.
[Keep your apple pieces in bowl not in steamer plate directly as apple leaves water which is nutritious,see the below bowl with fork picture]

3.Mash it finely or blend using blender,if needed add little water/milk to get right consistency.

Apple Puree (steamed) is ready!!!

Notes :
1.No need to add water with apple pieces before pressure cooking as it leaves water which prevents from getting burnt.
2.Use any steamer methods as per your convinience but make sure that your food is cooked properly.

Keep some points in mind before introducing first / other foods to your babies.
* Six months of complete breastfeeding is essential for babies.Those who are not comfortable physically will go for introducing other recipes.Dont introduce new foods when your baby is suffering from cold and cough as that time mothers milk is the best remedy.
* Sterilize the bowls,spoons and bottles before feeding the foods.
* Keep reserve the seperate cooking pot(preferrably small) for making foods for babies.
* Make the homemade cereal powders in small quantity,very helpful one.
* Always start by feeding thin clear water/soup first.
* Serve it slightly warm,they hate chilled(room temperature) food.
* After introducing a new food,wait for 2days to check the reaction (it may be loose motion,mild rashes)in their body.[check 3days rule for infants in internet]
* Continue your first food recipe for 3days in alternate days, then switch over to next one.
* Say 'No' to salt,sugar,spiciness till 10months as all tastes are new to them and serve it little warm,they hate cool/room temp most of the times.[Its purely your wish]
* Strictly a big 'No' to honey till one year.
* Ghee and jaggery(good than sugar) is advisible after 6months.[Its purely your wish]

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