Jul 13, 2016

Apple-Rice Porridge l Baby Food Recipes 4-6months+

Apple-Rice porridge is nutrition-rich food for growing babies.No salt and sugar needed for this rice as it tastes sweet.Combining foods are the best way to build their tastebuds.Always check for the right combination and proceed.If you are having any cereal powders like rice powder ,barley powder or poha cereal,its very easy to prepare this porridge.Vikram loves this porridge.Always choose good and bright/dark coloured fruits and veggies for the better benifits.
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Adding cinnamon with apple is new to me and the best combination ever for digestion.I heard about this combination in baking area.Right now i add a tiny piece of cinnamon with this,you can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder.You can also skip this as we already add jeera or asafoetida/hing to our cereals.
Sometimes i used to cook apple cubes with this cereal powders in pot with more water then strain it.Then i pureed the mixture and feed him the strained water seperately instead of water.

Apple-Rice Porridge : 6months +
Thats It : Cook apple with rice - Grind it
Total Time : 15mins
Serve : Single Serving

Ingredients :

Apple     - 1/2apple [1/2cup]
Rice Powder / Barley Powder     - 1 1/2 tbsp
Cinnamon Powder / Pattai      -  1pinch OR tiny stick  (optional)
Water     - 1/2Cup

[If you are not having rice powder,add normal cooking rice-2tbsp]

Procedure :
1.Wash the apple,twist and pull out the apple head stem.Peel off the skin thoroughly and cut into small cubes.

2.Add apple cubes,rice/barley powder,cinnamom powder/stick into the bowl with 1/2Cup of water.

3.Place the base plate inside the cooker filled with water.Place the bowl and close the lid.Pressure cook for 3whistles in mediem flame.

4.After pressure releases take out the bowl and remove the cinnamon stick and add little water,grind it to a smooth paste.

Feed this healthy nutrition-rich slighly warm.

Apple-Rice Porridge is ready !!!

Notes :
1.Using cinnamon powder is optional.
2.You can try making rice porridges with pears,carrot,beetroot,beans,potato,sweet potato so on.
3.Pan method also works quickly if you have powders in hand.

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