Jul 9, 2016

Bread Puttu (Using Multi-grain breads)

Bread Puttu : Sweet Version 

Bread Puttu is completely a new recipe for me as it tastes so good,i loved it a lot.I love experimenting whole wheat/multi-grain bread recipes,using multi-grain bread for making this bread puttu is a double dhamaka for me.Last month My Man bought multi-grain bread packet as it is from new brand than our usual one.The texture was a bit dried and was not having interest to make sandwiches with that and googled for a bread recipes,came across so many different recipes.I just loved the idea of making bread puttu as i am a big fan of rice puttu.I referred here and slightly modified that.Try this and surprise your kids.

Bread Puttu (Using Multi-grain Breads)
Thats It : Powder the breads - Wet & Steam - Serve
Total Time : 15mins
Serves : 2Persons

Ingredients :

Puttu Making :

Multi-grain breads    4slices
Water                        2tbsp+

Steaming Pot : Puttu maker / Idli pot / Any steaming methods

For Making Sweet Puttu : 

Grated Coconut         2tbsp
Ghee                          1tsp
Nuts / dry fruits         2tbsp (optional)
Sugar                          2tbsp+

Procedure :

1.Take the required amount of breads and roughly tear it.Add it to the blender and powder it.

2.Now sprinkle very little amount of water at a time.[Initially sprinkle 1tbsp water then roughly mix it,then again 1tbsp,now the mixture looks like crumbled mixture]
To check the right consistency : Hold the mixture slightly,it holds the shape,if you press it slightly,it comes back to the original crumbled form immedietely.

3.Grease the idli mould with ghee/oil,arrange the crumbled mixture in the mould.Place the mould inside the steaming pot and steam it for 8-10mins.

4.After steaming,take out the plates and rest it vor 2mins.Roughly break the moulded puttu into crumbled mixture.

For making Sweet Puttu :
1.Chop the nuts/dry fruits and toast it till it browns.

2.Add grated coconut,toasted nuts and mix well.

3.Add required amount of sugar,mix well and serve.

Multi-grain Bread Puttu is ready !!!

Notes :
1.Use any bread variety(milk bread,whole-wheat bread)to make this bread puttu.
2.You can also add sugar,grated coconut to the bread mixture before steaming.But by using the above method,you can use this steamed puttu for making savoury version also.
3.Gradually add water to get right consistency.If you are adding more water by mistake,just keep the mixture aside for 10mins without closing the lid for drying.
4.Adding nuts/dry fruits are optional.

Serve it with milk & banana !!!

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