Jul 14, 2016

French Toast (Eggy Bread)

French Toast is also known as eggy bread which is dipped in the mixture of beaten eggs,milk and sugar and toasted.This is one of the basic and best bread toasts which is liked by all age groups.I love the flavour of this toast and you can serve this with a cup of milk,banana or milkshake or simply drizzle honey over it.Healthy and filling breakfast is ready within few minutes and very good idea for kids evening snacks and lunch box.

VIDEO : French Toast

I had eaten this twice before marriage from vg's hands(my sissy),she entered into the kitchen that time itself,now she is very good cook too.I planned to adopt some non-veg recipes from her.I prepared this rarely but My Man dint like that much,so i forget about this dish.Last week,Me and Gautham tasted this from my neighbours home,it tastes so good,gautham asked her 'aunty....One more' for 2times.Yesterday evening he was hungry and asked for this.I have whole wheat breads in my hand,tried and it turns out good.I drizzle honey over it,he is so happy and ate 2toasts.

French Toast :
Thats It : Beat eggs - Add milk,sugar - Toast
Total Time : 10mins
Yields : 5Toasts

Ingredients :
Whole-wheat Breads   5slices
Eggs    2
Milk    1/4Cup
Sugar   2tbsp
Vanilla Essence   1/2tsp

For eggless version : Add custard powder (2tbsp)

Procedure :

# Choose any variety of breads like milk bread,whole-wheat bread,multi-grain bread.
[I used Whole-wheat breads]

1.Choose small wide bowl,add in eggs and beat it till frothy.Fork works well.

2.Add sugar,milk and essence,mix it well.

3.Dip both the sides of bread slices into the egg mixture and gently placed on the tawa and toast it.

4.Heat a tawa in low flame,spread butter and gently place the dipped breads on the tawa and toast it for a min or less than that till it turns ito golden brown in colour.Then flip other side and toast it for 40secs+ and remove it.

Healthy French Toast is ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can add cardaom or cinnamon powder in the mixture.
2.Use any bread variety to make this toast.
3.Toast till it turns into golden brown in colour.Take care not to burn it.

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