Aug 30, 2016

Orange Juice / Water (6+months)

Feeding infants with fruits can be one of the best ways to promote good health.Oranges are good source of many nutritients such as vitamins and minerals.The nutritient present in orange is useful in stimulating digestive system. Due to lack of dietary fiber,constipation may occured in infants and all.Oranges contain high amount of dietary fiber which relieves constipation.

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Add oranges,preferrably sweet orange to your babies diet once they reach six months in a liquid form.Add 2times of water to the juice for the better digestion.Give them the orange segment as a chewing fruit after 10months but make sure that the seeds and skin should be removed.I started feeding this orange juice/water to Vikram.Initially i added 2times of water to the juice,then i reduced the quantity.Adding sugar is optional,it depends on the sweetness of your orange.Try to consume within 30mins as it starts loosen the nutritients,this suits for all citrus fruits.

Top Benifits Of Oranges :
* Remedy for cold and cough
* Remedy for treating diarrhea
* Remedy for indigestion

Orange Water / Juice :
Thats It : Peel Off  - Remove seeds - Grind it - Add Water
Total Time : 5mins
Serves : Single

Ingredients :

Orange                1 (sweet version)
(i used smaller size)
Sugar                  3/4tsp (optional)
Water                  2+times of juice

Procedure :

1.Wash the orange and peel off the skin.Seperate the fruit segments and make a slit at the centre to remove the seeds.Do this process above the mixie jar or a small plate to save the spilled juice while removing seeds.

2.Take the deseeded segments into the mixie jar,add little water and grind it to a smooth paste.

3.Strain the juice using strainer.Add same amount of water,sugar and mix it well.

Orange Juice is ready !!!

Consume orange juice/water within 30mins to get the full nutritients.

Notes :
1.Avoid sour taste of oranges which causes rashes/allergy to the babies sensitive skin.
2.Consume orange juice(all citrus fruits) within 30mins,after that it loosens the nutritients.

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