Sep 19, 2016

Carrot Puree for babies l 6months+

Carrot is the first vegetable which i prefer to my kids.You can start feeding this nutrition-rich carrot puree once your little one reaches six months.The puree's bright colour itself invites kids to taste.Introducing vegetables and fruits to your kids diet is the most important thing,which builds them a good and healthier immune system.You can steam or cook the veggies and puree it.Initially start with single veggie and later start feeding with the combination of veggies.I always prefer my small pressure cooker for steaming/cooking (check out- apple-pear puree) and now want to post another way of steam cook,so posted.

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Nowadays,its very difficult to find time to blog with Viki as he started to walk with the support.Its been 3weeks,i returned from India,but i felt little tired and finally this week settled with the routine work.Our vacation was enjoyable one with the long trips,the best thing is viki co-coperates well as i have homemade instant cerelacs with me.It works great,i will post all those things soon.MIL is with me so am feeling relaxed physically.From today i will post the recipes often.Thank You Viewers for stay tuned.

Carrot Puree : 6months+ babies
Thats It : Carrot pieces - Steam/Cook It -  Puree It
Total Time : 10mins
Serves : single time

Ingredients :
Carrot      1/2 (3/4Cup)
Water       if required to grind

Steaming Vessels Or Cooker

Procedure :
1.Wash and peel the carrot skin using peeler.Cut the carrot into small pieces.Add into the bowl.

2.Place cooker seperator stand into the big vessel,place the carrot bowl above the stand.Close it with the lid.(no need to add water as carrot itself releases water)

3.Cook in medium flame till the carrot becomes soft,i checked with knife/spoon.Check for the water inbetween to prevent the vessel-burn.

4.Cool down completely and puree it using blender or mash it by your hands.

Healthy Carrot Puree is ready !!!

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