Sep 26, 2016

Homemade Wheat Cerelac for babies l 6+ months

Homemade Wheat Cerelac is one of the best choice for infants once they reached 6months.When i was googling for homemade teething biscuits & cerelac recipes,i came across sharmis link,i just loved the idea of making wheat cerelac(biscuit come cerelac) at home.I prepared this and clicked 2months back before our vacation period,it tastes too good,viki loves to have this.
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First i prepared biscuits then i divide it for cerelac too which is to be grinded to a fine powder.You can also use multi-grain flour for making this biscuits and cerelac for 10months+ kids.

Homemade Wheat Cerelac : 6+ months
Thats It : Form Dough - Bake It - Powder It
Total Time : 30mins

Ingredients :

Whole Wheat Flour   1Cup
Chilled Butter            1/4Cup
Palm Jaggery / Palm Candy / Sugar   1/4Cup
[i used palm jaggery]
Milk                            3tbsp

How to prepare cerelac mix?

Wheat Cerelac Mix  3tbsp
Water / Milk              as required 

Procedure :

# Melt Butter

# Crush palm jaggery,add them into the pan with little water(3tbsp),let them dissolve and filter it to remove the impurities.

[if you are using palm candy or sugar,just powder it using mixie]

1.In a wide bowl,add sifted whole-wheat flour,pour jaggery syrup,melted butter,roughly mix it.Now gradually add milk and form a  stiff dough(not too tight). 

2.Flatten the dough by rolling then roughly cut it or use cookie cutters to get desired shapes.[i used cookie cutters to get teething biscuits]
Carefully spread the cookies on butter paper or aluminium foil or butter greased bakin tray/sheet.Preheat the oven at 180deg,bake the cookies for 12 to 15mins or until the edges start browning.

3.Cool down the baked cookies and transfer into the mixie jar,grind it into a fine powder.

Homemade Teething Biscuits for babies !!!

Healthy Whole-Wheat Cerelac from your hands !!!

Notes :
1.Use palm jaggery or palm candy or powdered sugar as per your preference.
2.I used cookie cutters for his teething biscuits.
3.Use multigrain flour to make this cerelac once they reach 12months.
4.Add 3tbsp of wheat cerelac,add milk or water,mix well and feed immedietely.

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