Oct 5, 2016

Badam Powder / Almond Powder for babies,toddlers,kids l 8months+

Badam Powder / Almond Powder is a very healthy nut powder which is essential for babies,toddlers and kids healthy body.It contains minerals and vitaminsIt helps to have strong bones,glowing skin etc.;

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I prepared this badam powder 2 weeks back and used for preparing almond milk.You can include this powder to your babies porridge,juices etc.;It is advisible to give your babies once they reached 8 months.This is cook version powder,i will post instant badam drink mix soon.

Above cute wooden bowl with spoon was gifted by My Man during his kodaikanal trip(his all time fav place).He asked me,'what do u want from here?(with the thought of earrings and bangles)'.I replied,'anything with love'.So finally he bought this wooden bowl & hanging bell for our home as he knows nowadays am crazy about buying these things.Tnk u dear.

Badam Powder / Almond Powder :
Thats It : Dry roast amonds - Grind with other ings.- Store it
Total Time : 15mins 

Ingredients :
Almonds / Badam    1Cup
Pista                         1/4Cup (optional)
Panangkarkandu      1/2Cup
Turmeric Powder     1/4tsp
Cardamom               1Pod
Saffron                     3-4strands (i skipped)

Procedure :

# Measure good variety of palm sugar candy & almonds

1.Dry roast almondsand pista for 2mins without getting burnt.Transfer the roasted almonds into a plate and cool down.

2.Add roasted almonds and pista,palm sugar candy,turmeric powder,cardamom & saffron into the mixie jar and grind into a powder.Dont over do the grinding part as nuts start leaving oil and the mixture becomes paste by mixie's overheat.

Cool down.Store it in air-tight container.

Homemade Badam Powder is ready !!!

How To Prepare Almond Milk ?
1.Heat milk in a sauce pan.
2.After it boils, add almond powder 1tbsp for 1Cup of milk and cook in a medium flame for couple of minutes.
3.Strain it and serve.

Notes :
1.Adding cardamom is optional.Some of the kids hate cardamom flavour,they will say a big 'No' to this healthy milk.
2.I added 1/4cup of pistas that is purely optional.
3.Adding turmeric powder helps in babies calm sleep,improves immune system.It also gives yellowish colour milk.
4.You can also use sugar instead of palm sugar candy or skip it.

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