Oct 18, 2016

Inji Legiyam / Ginger Jam

Inji Legiyam / Ginger jam is mainly prepared during post-pregnancy period for new mothers and it can also be served for body pain and indigestion proplems.It cures cold and cough,relieves constipation.Ginger has more medicinal values.

I already posted my mom's version of Ginger Kashayam,Sukku Kazhi this one is my MIL's version.She prepared this 2days back,it tastes good.You can serve this to your kids.Prepare this legiyam once in a month to boost your immune system.For a better effect,specially post-pregnancy ladies,take this in early morning empty stomach or after 2hours of dinner time(bed time).

Inji Legiyam :
Thats It : Chop ginger - Prepare paste - Cook in jaggery syrup
Cooking Time :20mins

Ingredients :
Ginger  (chopped)                1/2Cup       [2handfull of whole ginger]
Karuppatti    (crushed)         3/4Cup  
Water                                    1Cup [1/2+1/2]
Honey                                   1/4Cup
Sesame oil / Nallennai          3tbsp
Elakkai                                 2pods

[You can also skip honey and add 1Cup of crushed palm jaggery]

Procedure :
# Choose fresh ginger from shop.
#Wash many times to remove dirts/sand.

1.Peel off the ginger skin using knife and chop into small pieces.Measure the ginger pieces and add into the mixie jar with 1/2Cup of water.Grind into a smooth paste.

2.Take the crushed karuppatti into the pan with 1/2Cup of water,elakkai.Cook it in simmer flame till the jaggery melts completely.Then filter the syrup using strainer into the kadai to remove the impurities present in it.

3.Heat a kadai in low-medium flame,now the syrup looks frothy.Add ginger paste,honey into it carefully and mix it well.

4.After 5-6mins it starts thickening,mic it well.Be carefull while stirring as it starts spluttering.After thickening add seesame oil 1tbsp at a time(3times).Cook till it start leaving the sides of the pan.Switch off the flame.[Tilt the kadai,legiyam/mixture start leaving the pan without sticking to the pan]

Inji Legiyam is ready !!!

Store this legiyam into the air-tight container for a longer shelf life.

Notes :
1.You can also use jaggery to make this legiyam.
2.It stays good for 4days+ at room temperature and for a week+ at refrigerator.
3.Choose any ginger variety to make this jam.
4.You can also add roasted cumin seeds/jeeragam(1tsp),coriander seeds /kothamalli vidhai(1tbsp) to the mixie jar,make powder and add it to the syrup.

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