Nov 6, 2016

Green Gram Dal Soup / Water l 5month+

Green Gram Dal / Pacha payaru is a good source of protein,vitamins and minerals.This is one of the best food to introduce your infants as it is easily digestible.So this bean is recommended for infants/kids and elder people too.This is one of the best stimulants for kids immune system.You can feed this green gram water/soup to your infants once they reached 5months after a month,you can give green gram puree then mash for your babies.Always introduce yellow moong dal first then go for green moond dal for the better digestion.Green moong dal has skin over it,so it is advisible to feed this mash after 6months for the better digestion.You can feed sprouted green gram dal soup/water too.

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Green Gram Dal Soup/Water : 5months+
Thats It : Soak Green Gram Dal - Pressure Cook - Filter It
Soaking Time : 5-8hrs
Cooking Time : 10mins

Ingredients :

Green Gram Dal  1/2Cup
Water                   1 1/2Cup
Salt / Jaggery       1/4tsp / 1tbsp+

[For small amount,cook dal in small pan for 7-10mins.For infant's single serving :
Green Gram Dal   2tbsp]
I usually soak 3/4Cup green gram dal,served with our regular breakfast.For Vikram i feed the soup/water when he was 6months and now in mashed form]

Procedure :

1.Wash & soak green moong dal for 8hrs.

2.Drain the water and pressure cook dal with immersing level of water with a pinch of salt for one whistle in medium-high flame(low flame results mushy dal and 1whistle is enough).
You can also cook dal in pan for 7-10mins.

3.Meanwhile,grate Jaggery.
[Or you can simply add sugar or salt into it.Mix well and serve it]

4.Drain the water through strainer.Add jagger and mix it well,serve it.

Healthy Green Gram Dal Soup/Water is ready !!!

Notes :

1.You can also make sprouts and follow the same recipe.

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