Dec 5, 2016

Nei Appam / Ghee Appam

Nei Appam / Ghee Appam is a traditional sweet which is prepared during Karthigai Deepam and Krishna Jeyanthi Festival.It is soft in texture and the taste is delicious with coconut and banana.Thiru Karthigai Deepam Festival is so special to me those days.Amma used tio arrange so many small lamps/vizhakku on terrace,upstairs and home entrance.Me and viji(sissy) was interested to arrange the lamps and specially there was a small competition between us to place the lamp in the sides of the home entrance inside the wall dent.We were staying in hostel during school and college days,so happiness overwhelmed for this festival.Amma had drawn a very big kolam in and outside of the home.When we were entering into the home,we were excited about the brighness.Evergreen Memories!!!

I usually love to make instant paniyarams which saves time,but this time i wanted to try this Nei Appam using traditional method.It comes out so soft and tastes delicious,my tastebud can feel the traditional taste of my Aachi's preparation.My Man loved the grainy taste and found that it was prepared using traditional method by soaking and not an instant appams.
The trick behind that is batter consistency,grind the rice till rave/semolina and not too smoth to get grainy texture of appams.Aachi used to ferment the batter for 3hours which is the traditional way but you can also make appam instantly with the addition of cooking soda.


Nei Appam / Ghee Appam :
Thats It : Soak rice & grind - Add ings. - Make Appams
Soaking Time : 3hours
Total Time : 30mins
Makes : 15 small appams

Ingredients :[am using paniyaram pan to cook appams]

Ghee / Nei                            3tbsp
Sesame oil / Nallennai         2tbsp [optional]

Raw Rice / Pacharisi            1Cup
Crushed Jaggery                   1Cup
Water                                    1tbsp + 3tbsp
Ripen Banana                       1big
Coconut                                1/4Cup  
Grated coconut Or bits         2tbsp
Cardamom / Elakkai             2nos
Cooking Soda / ENO salt      2pinches
Salt                                        2Pinches

Procedure :

# Wash and soak raw rice for 3hours with enough water.

1.Add crushed Jaggery into the pan and add 1tbsp of water into it.Heat in low flame and cook till the jaggery completely dissolves.Switch off the flame.Strain it through the strainer to remove the impurities present in jaggery.Keep aside for cooling down.

2.Meanwhile,drain the water completely from rice.
Add soaked rice,coconut,cardamom pods with less amount of water say 2-3tbsp into the mixie jar and grind into the thick rava/semolina like consistency means nearly to a smooth paste not too coarse.
[Smooth paste also results good and soft appams]

3.Pour the thick batter into the wide bowl,add mashed banana,grated coconut,jaggery syrup,salt,cooking soda and mix it well.The batter should be little thicker than dosa batter.
[Dont rest the batter after adding cooking soda or go for 3hrs of fermentation by skipping it]

4.Deep fry the appams OR use paniyaram pan.
Heat a paniyaram pan in low flame,add 1/2tsp of ghee into each dent/kuzhi.Scoop the batter with small spoon and pour in each dent till 3/4th level.Cover and cook for couple of mins or lesser.
Then open the lid,drizzle ghee over the puffed appams,flip it with skewer/knife and cook for a min,no need to cover and cook.

Check the cooked appam by inserting the toothpick/knife at the centre of the middle appam.If it comes out clean,take it out carefully on the plate.Serve hot or cold.

Soft and Fluffy Nei appams are ready!!!

Notes :

1.You can also mix sesame oil / nallennai with ghee to avoid total ghee in this recipe.Dont skip ghee as the name indicates.
2.You can add cardamom powder into the batter.
3.Optional :While flipping use spoon in other hand.
4.Grinding the batter into rava like consistency is to get grainy appams which results exact taste and the texture of traditional appams.[Smooth paste like batter also tastes good]
5.It tastes so good after cooling down.
6.Dont add too much water than mentioned quantity.If your batter gets runny add little amount of wheat flour.
7.Adding salt is to enhance the sweetness.

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