Dec 30, 2016

Poha Cereal Mix l Baby Food Recipes 6months+

Poha / Aval / Beaten Rice / Flattened Rice

Poha Cereal Mix is a healthy option for babies.You can get iron,vitamin B ,carbohydrates and proteins from this mix.Poha is gluten-free and it prevents iron defficiency.Make this homemade cereal mix and feed your babies as porridges.I usually add palm jaggery as sweetener,it tastes good.I came across this idea from sharmispassions and mylittlemoppet.I always wanted to have atleast 2homemade mix in my hand for Vikram,sometimes i serve this to Gautham too.Yes,you can serve this to kids also.

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You can serve this as instant version too once your baby reached 8months.For instant porridge mix,add hot water to this cereal mix,cover it for 5mins then feed it.It sounds too good while travel time.

Poha Cereal Mix : 6months+
Thats It : Fry poha and dal - Grind - Store - Cook
Total Time for Cereal Mix : 10mins
For porridge : 10mins
Shelf Life : 4months

Ingredients :
Poha /Aval   1Cup
Fried Gram Dal / Pottukadalai   1/4Cup

How To Make Porridge ?
Poha Cereal Mix 2tbsp
Water 1Cup
Sweetener  1-2tbsp

Procedure :

# Choose good quality and clean poha and fried gram dal
1.Heat a pan with low-medium flame,add poha and roast it for 2-3mins till it crisp,do not burn it.Transfer into the plate and cool down.

2.Add gram dal in same pan roast for a min,do not burn it.Transfer it to the plate for cooling down.

3.Take a clean, dry mixie jar and add these fried items,grind into a fine/coarse powder.

4.Sieve the ground cereal mix through the strainer.Cool down and mix it well.

5.Store it in the air-tight container.

Healthy and quick Poha Cereal Mix is ready !!!

How To Make Poha Cereal Porridge ?
Poha Cereal Mix   2tbsp
Water   1Cup
Sweetener   1-2tbsp

Porridge Making :
Heat a pan with water in low flame,add poha cereal mix,mix it well and cook for 3-4mins till it becomes thick.Add sweetener or salt and serve them warm.

Notes :
1.Sieving process gives you the fine powder which results creamier mix.
2.You can add mashed banana,veggies with this porridge.

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