Dec 28, 2016

Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich

Veg Mayonnaise is a healthy option for sandwich lovers.Its creamy and slightly sour taste makes it an ideal base for dressings,rotis,dips and sauces.I used to see mayonnaise all the time in supermarkets but i crossed without any thoughts.This is the first time,i buy mayonnaise (last month) when My Man insist me to buy.We loved it a lot,specially for the garlic flavour.It tastes so good,i mixed up with my veg stuffing.You can happily pack this as your kids lunch box or for your breakfast.

Mayonnaise has a high and healthy fat content,so this is a good choice for kids(specially recommended for thinners).Kids are super and hyper-active,so this will be easily digestible.Mayonnaise is rich in Vitamin E and has eggs,edible oil as main ingredients,both are rich in antioxidant.It comes up with so many flavours and eggless version of mayonnaise also available.

Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich :
Thats It : Veg Stuffing - Blend Mayo - Make Sandwich
Total Time : 20mins for cooked version / 10mins for no cook version 
Makes : 8sandwiches(triangles)

Ingredients :

Olive Oil / Butter    1tbsp
Fennel seed OR Cumin seed   1tsp  (sombu or jeeragam)
Garlic pods               3
Green Chilli             1or2
Big Onion                1
Veggies chopped      2Cups {i used carrot,beans,potato,peas}
Oregano                   1/2tsp
Salt                           1/2tsp

Bread Slices             8(i used milk bread here)
Veg Mayonnaise Spread   3tbsp

For Indian Style : add sambar powder 1tsp and skip oregano

Procedure :

Veg Stuffing :
#Wash and chop the veggies into cubes
# Finely chop garlic and green chill 

1. Heat a pan in low flame,add oil,after it splutters,add chopped garlic,green chilli and fry for a minute without burning them.Now add chopped onion and fry for a min(no need to get brown for sandwiches)

2.Now add veggies,salt and fry for a min and cook covered til it softens/half cooked(for crunchy veg bites),stir now and then to avoid getting burnt.Switch off the flame.

3.Add oregano and mayonnaise,blend it well and keep aside.Veg Mayonnaise stuffing is ready.

Sandwich Making  :
[for tawa sandwich method,refer Veg Sandwich recipe]

Keep ready with breads,butter,veg stuffing,sandwich maker or tawa.

1.Spread butter on the breads,keep the butterside down on the base plate then spread the stuffing,[again more mayo for kids]
2.Cover it with butterside breads up and close the maker and toast for 1or2min or as per the manual instructions.
3.Carefully take out from the maker using tongs or flat spatula.

Make triangles by cutting them,serve it with ketch up or plain.

Healthy Veg Mayonnaise Sandwich is ready !!!

Notes :
1.You can use any variety of breads.[i used milk bread variety here]
2.Add less salt for making sandwich stuffing as your cheese slices or mayonnaise has salt in it.
3.You can simply mix it with fresh veggies  like carrot,onion,tomato,cabbage and eat it as such.
4.Have this veg mayonnaise stuffing with roti,chapathi too.[skip mayo too]

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