Jan 8, 2017

Achu Muruku l Achappam l HOw To Make Rose Cookies

Achu muruku is my all time favourite and who will say No to this crispy and tasty muruku.Me,Vg and amma do happy shopping without hubbies...in our everytime india visit.So i found this cute achu muruku mould in our favourite shop and bought it immedietely.Box that i kept achu muruku and the cute,colourful,wooden toys are gifted by amma for my blogging and fotography purpose.And i tried achu muruku last week,it comes out very crispy and tasty.I cant believe that i am making achu muruku.Try this easy recipe and enjoy your festivals.

Achu Muruku :
Thats It : Prepare Batter - Dip Mould in Batter - Deep Fry
Total Time : 30mins

VIDEO : Achu Muruku

Ingredients :

Rice Flour / Arisi Maavu    1Cup
All Purpose Flour / Maida  1/4Cup
Powdered Sugar                  1/2Cup
Seesame Seeds / Ellu          1tsp
[Or Cumin seeds / Jeeragam   1tsp]
Coconut Milk                      1Cup 
[and 1/2Cup to adjust the consistency]

* Oil for deep frying
* Achu Muruku Mould(am using non-stick mould here)

Procedure :
1.In a bowl,add rice flour,maida,powdered sugar,seesame seeds and roughly mix it.Now add half amount of coconut milk and stir it for lump-free batter.Then gradually add coconut milk to make thin batter. 
[Coconut milk needed may vary in quantity,so add or reduce the quantity till you get thinner consistency batter.]

2.Heat oil in a pan and dip the mould inside the oil till the oil gets hot.Keep ready your batter bowl near the oil kadai,plate with paper towels.

3.Carefully take out the mould from hot oil and dip half-way in the batter.Now it sounds shh... while stick into the mould then gently place the mould in the oil and hold them for a min(40-50secs may be).

4.After a min gently take out the mould and shake it slightly and your muruku will be released into the oil.Am using non-stick mould so automatically released after shaking.If you are using normal steel mould you have to use knife or skewers and push them towar

5.And keep your mould inside the oil itself,take the muruku outside after getting brown in colour.

6.Drain it on paper towels.The texture is very soft when its hot and becomes crisp after cool down.

Crispy Achu Muruku is ready !!!

Store it in air-tight container.

Important steps :
1.You can take your batter in flat-bottomed plate for the half-way dipping convinience.If your mould is dipped completely in the batter,you have to wash it,dry it then heat again otherwise after frying it will not be released.

2.Keep your batter near the kadai for easy access.

3.After every release of your muruku ,mould should be sinked in oil till the next batch(dip).

4.If your new mould is silver then dip it in oil for whole day before making achu muruku.
5.You can use 3tbsp of coconut milk powder to the water instead of coconut milk.

Try this easy and crispy achu muruku !!!

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