Jan 15, 2017

Atta Halwa / Atta Sheera / Kada Prasad / Godhumai Maavu Halwa

Atta Halwa / Wheat halwa / Kada Prasad is a rich and delicious dessert prepared with wheat flour,sugar and ghee.This Atta Halwa is served at Gurudwara temples around the world as prasad.My friend invited us to Gurudwara's worship place(shiks holy temple),so it happened to taste last year.

There is two ways to make this halwa Thick version (prasad) and Creamier version,both tastes too good the only difference is the texture.Halwa texture differs by the water quantity.I tried both the versions for this new year and for My Man's bday.Both are really good in taste.I shared this sweet with my friends,the feedback was hit.Kids will love it for sure.
Atta Flour : Water
Thick Halwa Texture (like prasad) --- 1:2 [15mins]
Creamy Halwa Texture (today's recipe) --- 1:3 [20mins]

Choose the water quantity according to your tastebud.The only important step to prepare this halwa is to wait till the flour colour turns light brown in colour while roasting.

Atta Halwa :
Thats It : Roast flour in Ghee - Add Water,Sugar - Add Toasted Nuts
Serves : 4Persons

Ingredients :
Ghee   4tbsp+2tbsp
Cashews   10 (broken)
Raisins      6
Almonds   3

Wheat Flour  1/2Cup
Water  1Cup OR 1 / 1/2Cups 
[i used 1 1/2Cup in this recipe]
Sugar   1Cup
Cardamom powder   1/2tsp

Procedure :

1.Heat a pan in low-flame,add 4tbsp of ghee,cashews,almonds fry till it starts light brown in colour.Now add raisins,after it puffs up take fried cashews and raisins out and keep aside.

2.Add atta flour(wheat flour) and blend well with ghee without any lumps.Roast it for atleast 10mins or untill it changes its colour into light reddish colour.Low-flame roasting is very important step.Do not burn the flour as it gives bitter taste.

3.Add water(double or triple the quantity from flour) after it turns light reddinsh/brownish in colour and blend it well without lumps.Continuous stirring avoid lumps.It starts thickening and water has completely obsorped.

4.Add sugar and mix it well.Sugar melts and the mixture becomes gooey.Add 2tbsp of ghee and cook for a min,now it start leaving the sides of the pan and emits the obsorped ghee.My 5th pic shows that the mixture leaving the sides of the pan.Your halwa iss ready now.

5.Add cardamom powder,fried cashews and raisins and give it a quick mix.Switch off the flame.

Atta Halwa / Atta Sheera is ready !!!

Notes :
1.Choose the water quantity according to your tastebud.I love this creamier version.If you are adding 1:2(flour:water) ratio then your flour immediately obsorp the full water.For 1:3 ratio ,it takes 1or2mins extra.
2.Roasting the flour in low-flame for atleast 8-10mins are very important in this recipe.
3.Choose your favourite nuts.

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