Jan 28, 2017

Chocolate ButterCream Cake l Cake Decoration

Vanilla Cake with chocolate buttercream icing is the most liked choice of cake lovers.This is the cake which i baked and decorated for My Man's birthday.Husband's birthday is a most awaiting and a big day for all wives to express their Love so am not an exception.Every year i used to bake cake for this day with special icing and lovely gifts to make him surprise.I used to think,think and think atleast before 3months to celebrate in a unique way,finally it happened too.I eagerly planned to post "How To Surprise Husband/Wife/Kids on their birthdays?".Hope it will be happened soon.

He loves vanilla sponge cake and not a big fan of chocolates.So in the icing part i added his favourite nutella and prepare Chocolate/Nutella ButterCream.Very simple to make icing and it tastes so good.He and my friends liked this cake a lot.My Little Munchkin Gautham helped me in sprinkling part.I had readymade sprinklers,coarsely ground slmond powder in hand after preparing instant badam drink mix,so i just used that for sprinkling which is the good combination with chocolates.With the remaining icing i prepared No Bake Biscuit Cake,it turns out so tasty.

Chocolate ButterCream / Nutella Butter Cream :
Thats It : Beat & stir all the ingredients. - Decorate
Preparation Time : 10mins
Decorating Time : 10-15mins

Ingredients :  (referred DivineTaste)

Unsalted Butter                        5tbsp / 50gms
(at room temperature)
Vanilla / Almond Essence   1tsp
Nutella                                          1/2Cup / 170gms
Icing Sugar                                 2 1/2Cups / 380gms
(you can also use confectioners sugar OR powdered sugar with a tbsp of corn flour)
Cocoa Powder                           1/2Cup / 100gms
Milk                                               4tbsp

Procedure :

Everything should be at room temp.
* Beat butter,vanilla and nutella with whisk or hand blender for a minute.
* Stir in icing sugar,milk and cocoa powder till it looks smooth in texture.
* You can store this buttercream in air-tight container under refrigeration for a week.While using give it to room temperature.

 Cake Decoration/icing :

# Prepare Vanilla Sponge Cake OR any Cake,
Cool Down Completely.
# Prepare Chocolate ButterCream.

Cake Decoration Procedure :
Take a cake stand or prepare your own with bowl & plate with a proper gripped placing.(i used my mixing bowl and oven base plate which is comfortable for rotating)

(i)Lay the plate with butter paper/baking paper OR aluminium Foil.
(ii)Place the Cake at the center of the foil.
(iii)Take a prepared buttercream by spatula and gently cover the cake all over by spreadding.Level it properly.
(iv)Now take a tall glass,zip lock cover OR piping bag,spatula,star nossil.
(v)Cut a tip of the ziplock cover at one end and insert the star nossil tightly.(your hole should be smaller than nossil mouth)
(vi)Now place the zip lock cover into the tall glass(nossil part downside) and cover the glass outside with remaining cover which is shown outside.
(vii)Fill the cover with buttercream halfway and gather the cover tightly and squeeze the cream little to remove the air.
(viii)Then start decorating by pressing the cream and release it.
(ix)Sprinkle toasted & coarsely ground almond powder and some cake decorators like chocolate semiya/sugar sprinklers/choco chips or any fruits.I used rose and pink star,heart sprinkles.
(x)Gently remove the foil OR butter paper by pulling out.Keep it under refrigeration.
(x)It stays good at room temperature for 3days.

Do try your own creativity for decorating the cake. 

Refrigerate the remaining buttercream for a week and use it for your juices,cupcakes,No bake Biscuit Cake or simply spread it on roti,bread and biscuits.

Chocolate ButterCream Cake decoration is ready !!!

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