Jan 31, 2017

Keerai Dosai / Spinach Dosai / Onion spinach dosai

Keerai Dosai / Spinach Dosai is a best option when you have too many bunches of spinach in hand.My Man never skipped to buy fresh greens atleast 3variety spinach bunches from markets for its health benifits.I love to try many recipes with keerai like keerai poriyal , keerai chappati , keerai soup ,keerai parupu sadham and this dosai.My recent love is on Keerai parupu sadham,will post soon.It takes 10-15mins (includes cleaning time )to prepare spinach puree by cooking or frying then grind into a smooth paste.Meanwhile you can prepare sidedis for dosas.
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Last week i prepared this keerai batter then he make dosas for us,i was happily enjoyed eating these dosas with the spread of onion and idli podi.It tastes so good asusual from food lover's hands.Kids will love this (may be without onion(like gautham)) for sure for its colour.Try this and have healthy serving.

Keerai Dosai / Spinach Dosai :
Thats It : Wash & Cook Leaves - Grind - Mix in Dosa Batter
Total Time : 15mins
1Spinach Bunch for 3persons

VIDEO : Keerai Dosai

Ingredients :

For Spinach Puree :
Spinach / Keerai                1Bunch (2Cups+ tightly packed)
Water                                  1/2Cup
Cumin seeds / Jeeragam    1tsp
Green Chillies                    1Or2
Ginger                                1tsp/1small inch

Idly-Dosa Batter                 as required

Big Onion                           1 (chopped)
Idli podi                              for sprinkling

Procedure :

# Measure dosa batter and pour into the seperate bowl for your family serving.
# Deseperate leaves from the stem and wash it thoroughly.
[Dont wash after chopping/cutting the leaves/veggies as it loosens nutritients]

1.Add washed spinach leaves in a pan with cumin seeds and less amount of water.Cook in medium heat for 5to6mins or until it shrinks in size.Switch off the flame and cool down completely.

2.Strain the water and grind the spinach into puree along with green chillies,ginger.

3.Add spinach puree,reserved spinach cooked water into the dosa batter and mix it well.Just wipe off the jar with the reserved spinach cooked water.Check for the salt.[Check batter consistency then add reserved spinach water].

4.Heat a dosa pan in medium flame,coat it with little oil.Take a big ladle full of batter then spread it with circular motion on clockwise direction,drizzle oil around dosa.Wait/Cook for a min or until the fresh batter on the top looks cooked then flip it on other side.Cook for a min and take it out.

5.Serve hot with coconut chutney,tiffin sambar.

6.Onion Keerai Dosai :
Spread ladle full of batter,sprinkle chopped onion, generous amount of idli podi over the dosas and cook for a min then flip it on the other side.Wait for a min then serve hot.

Hot Keerai Dosai is ready !!!

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